Damir Kušen, Croatian Amb. to the Republic of Korea, vies for bilateral cooperation with South Korea. Photo courtesy of Croatia Embassy

H.E. Damir Kušen invites Koreans to the beauty of Croatia

Damir Kušen, Croatian Amb. to the Republic of Korea, vied for bilateral cooperation with South Korea, especially in such high-tech businesses as information-communication technology.

He made the remarks in a recent interview on the occasion of the Croatian Republic Day, which falls on June 25 this year.

“We are encouraging Korean companies to recognize the potential of the engineering, technology, and strong ICT sectors in Croatia, as well as to eventually open R&D centers or joint research or production facilities,” he said.

“Croatia, as the birthplace of the famous inventor Nikola Tesla and a country with two Nobel prizes in chemistry, has a long tradition in innovative technology and engineering.”

In fact, the two countries have enhanced cooperation in technology and engineering, as amply demonstrated by Hyundai Motor, which invested in Rimac Automobili.

It is a Croatian company, which churns out the world’s fastest fully electric sports cars. Hyundai, South Korea’s top automaker, channeled a significant amount of funds into its joint cooperation and share-ownership of Rimac Automobili.

The ambassador also invited Korean companies to the European country, which he says has great advantages in logistics.

“The very favorable geographic position of Croatia and its seaports have profiled the country as a highly competitive entry point into the European Union single market,” Kušen said.

“Cargo sea vessels coming from Asia or the Pacific can save a week of travel time when using the Croatian Port of Rijeka as a port of call instead of the Western or Northern European ports.”

He also invited Korean tourists to his motherland once the virus pandemic comes under control.

“Travel agencies are eagerly looking forward to reestablishing Croatia as one of the favorite travel destinations for Korean tourists,” he said.

“I am glad to say that with the diminishing number of new coronavirus cases (below 50 per day and decreasing), Croatia has emerged as a safe travel destination.”

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