The CSU aims to raise its profile in the global environmental and climate policy. “Local climate activism will not be enough, to the enormous international challenges in the field of CO2-handle reduction,” says a strategy paper of the CSU land group for the retreat in the Bavarian Seeon, from the Newspapers of the Funke media quoting the group.

Germany is to develop a global carbon dioxide mitigation strategy, “in particular, the enormous potential in the developing and emerging countries” take into account, says the paper. In the clear: poorer countries should undertake to operate climate protection – a highly controversial issue in international climate conferences.

in order for the CSU was a member of immediately criticism of the SPD deputies Karl Lauterbach. The CSU wanted to move the climate protection in other countries, so that Germany can continue to sell the climate-damaging cars, he wrote.

The CSU fleshed out your Plan: The party wants aid for climate protection, Germany is making in other countries, are counted for Germany. In the Paris climate Treaty, rich countries have an obligation to help the poor, renewable energy, retrofit, and to guard against weather events.

In the paper, the CSU, it is stated: “The success of our commitment to integral part of our national climate balance sheet – because CO2 elimination is not more or less it weighs, whether it has been achieved inside or outside our borders.”

compliance with The German climate protection goals for 2030 should be ensured. How this can be done remains unclear. The Federal government has tasked a Commission with a solution.

The Coup from Katowice REUTERS summit on climate change in Katowice: the world community is creating the screenplay for the world rescue

in Addition, the CSU land group announced a “new social contract for sustainable life”, reported the Newspapers. A strategy group “environment and climate should be established”, which developed a comprehensive program for the social contract.

CSU said in the paper for a gentle transition to renewable energy. “The reduction in coal-fired power generation must be made “socially acceptable”. Costs for the changeover of the energy supply for citizens should be minimized, regions affected by the closure of coal-fired power plants would have to be helped.

In the CSU paper said this: “Despite the restructuring of the energy sector, we want to be enabled for security of supply to competition and socially acceptable electricity prices.” And further: “The impact on the affected regions, we want to compensate for with AIDS and in coping with structural change.”

The party has formulated goals, how they should be implemented, it must draw up but.


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