the Federal transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) unit in a dispute over a speed limit is coming under increasing pressure. Apparently, in order to gain time, he has deleted the important working session of his Commission of experts on climate protection in the transport. The rejection letter is in the MIRROR.

The Commission had proposed to limit the maximum speed on German motorways to 130 kilometres per hour. In addition, motorists should pay higher taxes on Diesel and petrol. The experts also recommend a special levy, the fuel-swallowing cars, when buying especially due. The purchase of electric cars, the government should subsidize more than in the past.

Commission members The reason for the appointment cancellation feel snubbed

nebulous appears. “In order to achieve timely coordination of the Work of all working groups, we will postpone tomorrow’s session for a short time,” write Scheuers officials of the 20 members of the Commission. It includes representatives of trade unions, the car companies, the ADAC, as well as environmental organisations like the nature conservation Federation (Nabu).

the First members of the Commission feel snubbed. “The short-term cancellation of the meeting was a surprise to us, given the ambitious time plan of the working group,” according to the Nabu. The Commission is called upon to draw up, by March, proposals for how transport can deliver its contribution to the climate protection goals. “We still have a good piece.” Each week count in order to develop appropriate measures.

Limit on motorways ‘ Yes ‘ to 200!

the opposition Greens criticise the Minister. “The traffic experts abzuwatschen so, you called yourself that is unique,” said the Deputy Chairman Oliver Krischer. “This smacks of punishment of proposals that don’t like it yourself.”

As the real reason for the refusal of participants of the Commission’s “platform for mobility of the future” that Scheuer wants to terminate the unpleasant discussion. The unrest comes for Scheuer untimely. The poor state of the German railway and possible driving bans for Diesel Cars are already two grievances, the anger wide segments of the population and the responsibility of the Union man.

New meeting date scheduled

abrasive feel of his officials, not enough on the work of the climate Commission-informed, and stated in his authority. Therefore, the Minister was prepared on Friday as the MIRROR has reported on the mind games of his own body.

Scheuer had foamed in a first reaction: The proposals were directed mind “against the common people,” and socially irresponsible. The subsequent campaign by the “Bild”-Zeitung, against a speed limit, he fired and duped in turn, the expert of its own working group.

The meeting of the working group would be of considerable media interest has been accompanied. The barn seemed to be a lot of attention. His experts, he said: “A new date we will inform you in the short term.”

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