With a reference to the Hamburg-based Punk Band Fucked the editors of the pop culture magazine “Spex” in the current Editorial addressed to its readers – that’s how you feel in the face of the print edition. 27. December, as of mid-October, with the 384. Output the last “Spex”-folder to appear.

But then the mood lightens in the Letter from the editors: “We had us can easily complain about the blasted Internet wegfrisst us the beautiful job, with its simultaneity of any Pop-criticism obsolete and Dennis Pohl is shitty”, so the previous editor (and MIRROR-ONLINE-the author). But you have chosen a different path: 1. February car is the “Spex” with a new concept and a subscription model online the restart. Pohl will then act as the editor-in-chief.

“We already work with all the available heads in a new, fresh audio content, more room for depth and a lot of other formats that can be transferred to the best pages of the print magazine to the Internet and expand,” writes Pohl, is still a little vague. Everything was soon to be found in the Instagram-profile of “Spex”.

Concrete information, however, there is already, for the financing of: A subscription model that will allow for around two euros a month access to the complete magazine archive, as well as all the new content that is to be set up. “We look forward to the future with you!” he says at the end of the letter.


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