it is operated As the writer Herbert Achternbusch once as an election researcher, he came to the realization: “In Bavaria, there are 60 per cent anarchists, and select all of the CSU.” In this respect, one must recognise the election result by Sunday evening, a Signal of the democratic normalization, and indeed the verb integration and disenchantment of the Bavarian policy. Not even 38 percent of the Bavarian citizens are committed to the party whose followers are often for generations, proud of the fact that virtually any government recognition to refuse – and in your anarchy-Proud to boldly ignore the fact that your chosen party intended for five decades in the government (and often also in the Federal policy) about the fate of Bavaria.

The Suction and the suction effect of the CSU was to Sunday legendary. In a mixture of sincere, genuine schizophrenia, and calculated mendacity it made the politicians and supporters of the CSU over the course of decades, to convey a large part of the inhabitants of Bavaria, the feeling of just your party to be a place of resistance to any distant authority. No matter whether it’s the Federal politicians were in Bonn or Berlin, Europe’s Powerful in Brussels, or smart media, people in Hamburg – against any “big kopferten”, so merely ostensible authority, and should be defended Bavaria. Because it was impossible for anything like that!

The wrath of the peasants against all the bureaucrats

Therefore, the CSU is informed, for example, the anger of the farmers against virtually all of the bureaucrats in the offices beyond Bavaria, where their own people were sitting. They grumbled against foreign Infiltration and the loss of the Bavarian way of life and got excited about this, but thousands of displaced persons, Germans in Russia, five countries of the EU or even further afield IT-specialists in the beautiful region of Bavaria. They negotiated with real estate companies and car manufacturers, and operating the Zubetonierung the southern German countryside; at the same time, you mandelte on the protest movement against the blight on the world due to overhead power lines. In glorious maneuverability, the CSU is presenting itself proudly as the home of the Rich and the possession of a base-free, for the young careerists and the tired Old, the Evangelen and the Catholics (and, if necessary, even the wholly Unbaptized).

The largest folk festival in the world

Not the Christian cross, and not the leather pants, but the grace of the Bavaria country, the (of course CSU-critical) Bavarian Journalist Herbert Riehl-Heyse, formulated protrudes from the other areas of Germany and in the world, played in the propaganda self-image of the CSU always has a Central role: it was “the party that invented the beautiful Bavaria,” as it used to be. For decades, churches, artists and intellectuals over the Bavarian kitsch of the CSU. “It must have been a Sunday, a day full of bright sunshine/ It’s a lucky day was certainly, as our Bavaria country”, – stated in a song by the Biermösl Blosn. The Kitsch was still.

Why it is this identifier of Voodoospuk now obviously? Why is the home port of the CSU is suddenly so much less attractive? The cabaret artist Luise Kinseher expressed it on election weekend: “home is always a reminder. In Munich, for example, it is the memory of an affordable three-room apartment.” In fact, a previously unknown pragmatism in many areas and heads of Bavaria has returned. He may have fears for the future, also to do with the departure of rather sinister traditions, and with good ventilation conditions, with democratic progress.

The democratic principle of alternating majorities

In the small Bavarian town I grew up in the Sixties and seventies, distributed by the class teacher in the first high school year a member requests the CSU Junior troupe “student Union” under his 11-year-old favorites, as a special Grace to believe. The Catholic town parish priest preached from the pulpit against fornication, and for the CSU, the Evangelical Pastor probably is. Today, the would be no parents part, and no creditor is more like it. Why not?

The CSU-star rhetorician, Edmund Stoiber, has done before the election, with the Thesis, his party got less restraint in the choice of the people, because a not entirely transparent way in the course of the years, large sections of the Bavarian population have been exchanged. Who could be for this change due to Migration? For the self against CSU traditions in breach of the incitement against people of a different faith, which is revealed in the cross-decree of the Prime Minister Söder? For the squandering of billions in the Bavarian state responsible for Bank transactions? Once again the big heads somewhere far away up there?

it is To be hoped that life in Bavaria is thus altered, even if it’s not worked out this time. The democratic principle of changing majorities is now arrived, even in Altötting and Sonthofen. The changed the Bavarian way of life; the culture of the people, for the Yes, the CSU was often in particularly a harassing manner is always identical with the state.

“Bavaria, the CSU, this equation is true for happiness,” said the Bavarian writer Albert Ostermaier yesterday on election night. “Bavaria has emancipated itself from its pabulum party. It has become much more consistent and has voted by a majority against baiting and exclusion, even if each of the AfD-voters remains a disgrace.” In fact, the German policy has become due to the shrinkage of the anarchist gang in the South, a bit boring. But that should be for all Democrats, whether they live in Bavaria or beyond the promised land, a reason, on this Monday to take a deep breath of relief.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.