The Hamburg public Prosecutor’s office determined against Correctiv editor-in-chief Oliver Schröm. The research group Correctiv had uncovered fraud in the Cum-Ex-billion tax – now it will be investigated how exactly the organization came to the information. Oliver Schröm is accused in abetting the betrayal of business and trade secrets. The Hamburg public Prosecutor’s office confirmed to SPIEGEL ONLINE, an ongoing investigation.

Together with 18 European media partner of the Correctiv research centre had exposed a tax scandal at the stock deals a damage of at least 55 billion Euro is created. Alone, German tax offices were escaped according to calculations by the tax experts Christoph Spengel, University of Mannheim, between 2001 and 2016, at least 31.8 billion euros.

at least ten further European countries besides Germany, such as studies of the research centre “Correctiv”, in which, among other things, the ARD-magazine “Panorama”, the weekly newspaper “The time” and the news Agency Reuters.

In an open letter Correctiv now reports on investigations against editor-in-chief Oliver Schröm and demands in a Petition, the law enforcement: “The accusation is absurd Oliver Schröm has made his work as a Journalist and a significant miss in our society is revealed.” The Hamburg-based investigator, based apparently on a request from Swiss authorities. According to Correctiv a “criminal is looking for takeover” of the Zurich district attorney’s office for alleged “Economic intelligence (economic espionage), and violation of a trade secret” in the absence of.

It would now be “persecuted those who exposed the scandal. Against Oliver Schröm, editor-in-chief of Correctiv, the Hamburg public Prosecutor’s office on suspicion of ‘inciting to the betrayal of business and company secrets’ according to §17 UWG (law against Unfair competition). It is the first Time that this clause is applied to a journalist,” the research organization itself.


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