Raclette or Fondue? This Gretchen is not a question that was on Christmas day in 1870 in Paris “Café Voisin”. Instead, it was as a Starter, stuffed donkey and elephant soup, then: roasted camel, bear, cutlet, kangaroo stew.

In the next aisle was a wolf club, antelope terrine with truffles and culinary highlight – cat on a bed of rats. Who was now getting sick of it, being able to Night, guaranteed meatless, rice cakes with jam and Gruyère-eat cheese. Bon appétit!

A whole Zoo Alexandre-Étienne Choron, chef of the fancy restaurants in the Rue Saint-Honoré, guests at the 25. December, 1870. In any case, a holiday resulting menu. The reason for the peculiar Six-course menu: the siege of Paris by Prussian troops in the Franco-Prussian war.


in the 19th century. September 1870 was included in a city of millions, after two months there was no fresh meat. In their Distress the starving Parisians ate everything they could get. Of 65,000 horses, 5000 cats and 1,200 dogs were slaughtered according to the British historian Alistair Horne during the 132-day siege in Paris.

How do you like elephant? “Tough, coarse, oily”

As all the available four-legged friends ate, had to die, the animals: The exotic ingredients for his Christmas feast had bought chef Choron the amusement and animal Park “Jardin d’acclimatation”. Monkeys, predators and hippos were not a mess – but even the popular elephants Castor and Pollux had to believe in it. They were on the 29. and 30. November 1870 slaughtered and ended up on new year’s eve in the “Café Voisin” on the plates. “It was tough, coarse, and oily”, moserte the Englishman Henry Labouchère about the pachyderm meat.

DISPLAY Tobias Roth, Moritz smoke house:
I got’!

In a hundred Menus through the history of the world

publisher of Cultural memory; 352 pages; 28,00 Euro.

romance languages-PhD student Moritz smoke house, 25, explains, the Paris Zoo-all Sorts of 1870, however, his personal favorite menu. “Because the bitterest siege can’t the will to a festive, convivial feast get you down,” he says in a daily conversation. With his colleagues, Tobias Roth, smoke house has now got the book “‘s. In 100 Menus through the history of the world” was released.

500 gazelles, 10,000 of jumping mouse

With much love to Detail, the two scientists backgrounds, food and ingredients have reconstructed except in the ordinary meals of the last three millennia. Starting from the feast for the Assyrian king, Ashur nasirpal II in 879 BC (of 14,000 sheep, 500 gazelles, 10,000 and jumping mice) on the first menu in All of 1961 (meat puree and chocolate sauce in a tube) to the last State Dinner of US President Barack Obama in 2016 (cancer cannoli with currant tomatoes from their own cultivation, silky pillows of Pasta, a BlackBerry tart).

The in-between stops on the culinary journey through time can leave the reader with the mouth-watering or stomach eversion. The rich sipped passengers of the “Titanic” on 14. April, 1912, while oysters, enjoyed fried Chicks in Cress, pate with Foie Gras and two Éclairs.

For most of the 2200 passengers, however, it was the last Dinner of your life: Approximately 1500 people drowned after the culinary delights in the waters of the Atlantic ocean.

“Titanic”-the dining room: a Feast to

A similarly stale taste on the tongue, considering what Princess Diana on the evening of the 31. August 1997 ate. For a Dinner with her Lover Dodi Al-Fayed in the Paris Ritz Carlton, there were sole, vegetable tempura, Omelette with mushroom and asparagus. Almost two hours later, Lady Di was dead.

To know what you ate before her tragic passing, makes neither the “Titanic”passengers on the Queen of hearts back to life. Through the menus, however, “comes to a close with historic persons and events,” stress, smoke house, and a Roth, “you can see the possibilities and the constraints, preferences and quirks.”

chicken liver à la Elvis

the idea for The book came from the authors, as they are working for their Ph. D. in the Berlin state library, checking out that has a collection of 3000 menu card “blew us away”.

from then on, she rummaged around through the Fundus of other libraries, as well as a jumble of historical cookery books, diaries, letters, Newspapers, and Blogs. “We wanted to know, what is it that connects us with the people of the Baroque period or the Napoleonic period, very immediately, very directly,” says Moritz smoke house.

What’s cooking’? Elvis informed before the Beatles ‘ visit to

of the many menu-finds in the book also include the delights of the Beatles on the 27. August were serving in 1965 in the home of Elvis Presley. The atmosphere in the first and only Meeting of the music giant, was at first rather chilly. Hastily brought guitars, but also a range of Snacks ensured that the mood in the course of the Evening, brightened visibly.

The spontaneous jam session was not recorded, thanks to the housekeeper of Elvis, we know at least what is left of the King and his illustrious guests served: deviled eggs, meatballs, chicken liver and crab meat. Sounds delicious – and certainly more digestible than the “black feast” of 1519, one of the most bizarre menu, smoke house and Roth discovered.

pheasant under dead

on the Occasion of the carnival of the skulls of a Florentine banker, Poet, and Diplomat, Lorenzo Strozzi, invited 14 guests in his Roman home, including four cardinals, and three prostitutes. The dining room had transformed Strozzi in a Ghost train: a Spooky paintings adorned the black walls, the DoppelgangeR of the guests appearing, the Loaded stretched at the dimly lit table.

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Because some of the food (cooked pheasant skulls of the dead, sausages below the bone) with vomiting or laxatives were seasoned, ended up eating three courses. And was “one of the most beautiful that have ever been in Rome, organized,” wrote a contemporary, Marino Sanuto in his diary.

The cook of this indigestible Renaissance-menus have the no-eater smoke house and Roth, but some of the other weirdness brought to the table. Recently they conjured up the sweets from the menu of the Italian futurists of 1931: bag of wind, filled with a screaming multi-colored cream, on top of a piece of plum.

Differently than we had hoped, the futurists raised the culture of Italy with this Dessert, from the fishing – delicious smoke house and Roth found the bag of wind anyway.

It is done! Of the antelope terrine to the ball bearing Urhuhn – get with a day of ideas for a different Christmas menu!

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