To Person picture-alliance / Michael Your Maximilian Levy , 31, is one of the most successful German track Cycling Sprinter. He is four times world and five times European champion. In addition, he started three times at the Olympics, won one silver and two Bronze. He lives with his wife, the former cyclist Madeleine, Sandy, and two daughters in Cottbus.

MIRROR ONLINE: Mr Levy, Kristina Vogel in an interview with the MIRROR (here, you can read the conversation), and thereafter repeatedly emphasized how important it was that they are not gone after the accident. You, in turn, have said later that they had just only works. Is the best way, with such a shock deal to be Busy?

Levy: I don’t know it. I just did what I thought was right. I have torn around for the people around them, especially the Younger ones, because I could imagine how hard this is for you. I was in the Moment, fortunately, just enough energy.

MIRROR ONLINE: when has caught the brunt of the accident and the consequences of it?

Levy: Since I was very close to it, I knew immediately what was going on, and I’ve had dreams that, therefore, no brain, what can happen. There was, of course, enough people have tried in good will to offer help or from new studies to speak, of what you can do. But after the diagnosis was clear: nothing will help us, unfortunately, for the first time. The accident itself brings a of course, because you will be asked again and again, then (smiling). He now belongs to my history, you can’t separate.

MIRROR ONLINE: they brought in for processing external help?

Levy: I have worked together with a psychologist. Since it was a disappointment after a race. In this case, I’ve seen that I had to Express the story so often, there is no urgent need for me. For me, the question was: Did I fear when Cycling, Yes or no? Of course the first thought was when I saw you lying there: Okay, you can never again make. But I have no fear when Cycling, I can still keep up with 70 in the curve.

MIRROR ONLINE: when you are after the accident, the first Time back on the track in Cottbus?

Levy: on the day after that. We were in the accident are taken together then, the railway has worked at the end of each, depending on the feeling. I’m just driving around a half an hour like a maniac. I have had also a pain need, just wanted to ride the frustrations out. And since I was now very involved in all of the Interviews have drawn to me, thus leaving the Younger alone, it was a Moment of silence for me. So I escaped me a ride to the bike.

MIRROR ONLINE: in fact, you are a bird thanks and your proximity to the action part of the story. How do you deal with it?

Levy: This is difficult. I was thinking also, as long as I had the game still wants to play. Of course people are eager to learn, but there’s a difference between sensationalism and serious conversation about what happened and how you can maybe improve in the future. I have been asked from the very beginning, never, if I can deal with the Situation, or would like to. I just had to, and so I have done this now for half a year. I find it terrible that Kristina gets it is only now that the attention and the accolades that you would have earned due to their achievements long ago.

Levy, and bird with their gold medals at the UCI track Cycling CHAMPIONSHIP in 2017

MIRROR ONLINE: Addressed the dangers that ride in the track Cycling, he said, and he: falls. Injuries are always commented back with a loose spell. Since it is, after a clavicle fracture: Now I’m finally a true cyclist. Is Humor the way with the ever-impending danger?

Levy: There is, of course, a lot of sarcasm here, because one is caught in the Situation. Yes, you have a broken collarbone, it will change but you can’t. Since you can really only make a joke and say: What the heck. For me, it was after the third break the spell: we don’t Want to make a zipper in, then we can switch the plates faster? This is said in the heat of passion quickly. But that’s not the whole truth.


Levy: A certain degree of danger is while Cycling. If, for example, fatigue leads to the fact that it is unfocused and makes mistakes. Then, one can only hope that the Second will see the errors come from and avoid them. That is the risk. But usually we come out of the cold. It becomes dangerous when I’m Biking out on the road. On the road I see the car stop not to come, in which the driver forgets that we have no crumple zone. On the web, you can respond there.

MIRROR ONLINE: falls are. But a fall in the closest circle of friends, with irreparable consequences, the need to view the Sport, the somebody but change.

Levy: of Course, this is very, very hard. But everyone must find his own way, how to deal with it. The younger the athlete is, perhaps, the Moment shocked, can shrug it off then, but maybe faster. The older athletes, like me, works at first and then later on the important issues. Issues in your life that you don’t have to do so much with the Cycling, but rather, What you have for dreams? And then you think: Maybe you should make the time to say instead, and then I do all of it. This is just the process for me.

MIRROR ONLINE: of What dreams are that?

Levy: there are some. At the top, to spend this time with family, instead of saying, I must by the end of February to the 13. Time for the world Cup and represent the country. I have represented the country twelve times. Because my priorities are different now (the date of birth of the third child coincides with the world Cup, editor’s note. d. Red). Or if you talk of material things: I always wanted to have a boat. And now I bought with a buddy along a wooden boat. A Plaue, 40 years old, licence-free, so it is a very small thing. If I have a head full, I drive for an hour with my little boat and then the world is back in order.

MIRROR ONLINE: it Helps in dealing with the accident and the consequences that Kristina Vogel is being so positive with your new life situation?

Levy: I think you have to take care that this Hype to your positive attitude, not as a gossip, a wave is created that people find this all really just great. There are also other moments, and so you learn to deal. But what is impressive: By the way, how you handle it, it makes it easier for people to approach them. The is very strong of her that she opened this Art to the people and says: Hello, I’m here, I’m going to run instead, but I’m the Same and you can talk with me anyway. This has helped many, and I do not think the people who were there in a state of shock.

Levy in March 2018

MIRROR ONLINE: speaking of strong women: The Day of the accident was and it is not only your birthday. It is also the day that your wife, Madeleine has learned that she is pregnant. She has to keep then two weeks. Because she felt that My husband just can’t handle good news?

Levy: That was a difficult Situation. It was not planned so that on the day the good news is proclaimed, or so. At the end of the day, I had not even on the paper that she was ever at the doctor. That’s been deleted, as the fall happened, everything. I was able to still vote with her, that our two girls will be picked up. But that was it. Then we have to start immediately this fundraiser, which was a much larger effort than we were able to estimate, because we are unprepared, ran in. It was only much later, to come to rest and to talk about us.

MIRROR ONLINE: their oldest daughter, Tessa, is almost six, Mila three. You have now more afraid of your dad?

Levy: children to process it quite differently. The two have heard everything, of course, without knowing the specifically what is actually happening. The other day they drove in a carriage of learning around. The one pushed the other and said: Come on, let’s make the now as Kristina. It was a Moment to Laugh and cry at the same time. I sent Kristina a Video of it and wrote: My kids want to be like you.

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