In Prague protested, thousands of people against the suspicion of fraud-standing Czech Prime Minister, Andrej Babiš. Came to the Demonstration, after new allegations against the controversial politician had become known. Babiš’ son accuses his father, to have him against his will, brought out of the country, to hinder investigation for alleged subsidy fraud.

strokes, The billionaire and former businessman is accused of, in the year 2007 with his group the wrong Agrofert standard EU subsidies in million height. His 35-year-old son Andrej Babiš, Jr. said Czech media, employees of his father had him brought, against his will, to the Peninsula of Crimea. This should be prevented, that he would be questioned by the Czech police to the allegations of fraud.

The Prime Minister rejected the allegations of his son. He said his son was mentally ill and suffering from schizophrenia. Andrej Babiš, Jr. referred to as a lie.

After learning of the allegations, the Czech opposition parties, a vote of no confidence against the government be trusted to pursue the chief. Observers consider it unlikely that the Opposition will be successful.

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