need to submit the chains to the Big supermarket in the Czech Republic, unsaleable food free of charge to charities. The constitutional court in Brno (Brno) has declared a law to be legal. A spokeswoman announced.

The judge referred to the Czech Charter of fundamental rights, which States that property entails obligations. The tax liability has to be considered also as part of global efforts to solve the “serious issues of food waste”.

Against the scheme had sued 25 Senate members. They saw it as a violation of the property rights and a return to Communist practices.

only food shops with a selling area of more than 400 square meters are Affected. In the case of infringement, a monetary penalty up to the equivalent of 390,000 euros.

among the largest supermarket chains in the Czech Republic the country of purchase, the Dutch Ahold, the British Tesco group, as well as Lidl and Penny market.


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