for the First time since 2006, fewer workers were in the last year due to mental illness. The a current evaluation of the DAK-health. The employed Insured persons of the health insurance Fund had to suffer, therefore, in the past year, in Germany 5.6 per cent less absenteeism because of Soul than in the year 2017.

Particularly clear, the days of absence were reduced because of depression, and by 17 per cent. Mental diseases are still the third most common cause for missed days (around 15 percent), shared the DAK.

In the first place, back pain and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system (almost 21 percent), second Respiratory disease (16 per cent).

Flu epidemic at the beginning of last year

women were affected by psychological diseases much more frequently than men. In the case of female Insured persons 63 per cent more miscarriages and were counted daily on the basis of such a diagnosis than in men.

The whole of the Sick increased in 2018 if the DAK in comparison to the previous year by 4.1 to 4.2 percent. This means that in the year 2018, every single day an average of 4.2 per cent of the workforce unable to work were reported.

The DAK, said the increase in the flu wave to the beginning of the last year. A good half of the insured workers in the past year not at all sick.

For the sick-analysis, the DAK had the data of 2.5 million workers to evaluate to the insured at the time of checkout.


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