About 200 firefighters and 13 helicopters were on the Search and rescue work in the Brazilian city of Brumadinho involved. Israel sent point of 130 soldiers and 16 tons of Material to the disaster to help with the use. “Saving lives is not a question of distance, but to go how far you’re willing,” wrote the armed forces prior to the departure in the direction of Brazil on Twitter. Nevertheless, rescue forces on Sunday were able to find no Survivors in Brumadinho.

There is a dam at the iron ore mine Córrego do Feijão, the Brazilian mining company, was broken on Friday Vale. A huge mud avalanche rolled over parts of the plant and neighbouring settlements and buried houses, cars and roads.


according to the Latest figures 58 people came to his life in the accident. Before the speech was to have been at least 37 deaths. According to the civil protection Agency on Sunday as 305 people were missing – the number of dead is expected to rise accordingly.

The Governor of the state of Minas Gerais, Romeu Zema said, police, firefighters and soldiers have done everything they can to rescue Survivors. “But we know that from now on, the chances are tiny and we are likely to find only corpses.”

search for Survivors temporarily interrupted

How it came to the time of the accident, according to Vale-President Fábio Schvartsman is still unclear. He spoke of a “terrible tragedy”. The public Prosecutor’s office initiated an investigation to determine those responsible for the disaster. TÜV Süd assessed the dams in the past year, as the company confirmed in Munich on request. “We will support the investigation in full, and the investigating authorities all the required documents.”

According to information from Vale chief Schvartsman were also a further inspection on 10. January no defects discovered. The 1976-built, and 86-Meter-high dam was scheduled for demolition.

Video: the Dead and the Missing after mudslide


The experts had feared early on Sunday morning, another disaster at the mine to Vale triggered because of rising levels of another dam Alarm. The fire Department called on the population of the city of Brumadinho, to bring in high-altitude areas in safety. The search for the Missing was suspended. A little later the civil protection authority announced that it is no longer a danger.


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