During the construction of the particle accelerator threaten Fair in Darmstadt, Germany, to explode the cost. According to a report by the German Federal court of auditors, the costs will exceed the original plan by more than half a billion euros – at least. In the 20-page paper, the MIRROR, a list of the auditors, a number of shortcomings in the construction and cost management.

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The construction works in July 2017; however, already in the planning phase, the cost rose according to the Federal court of auditors, to 1.4 billion euros. In the meantime, is calculated at about 1.7 billion Euro. Of this amount, complain, auditors have reported to the Federal Ministry of education and research “neither in the Parliament nor in the Federal budget plan, complete and transparent”.

the World’s Fair project is one of the largest research. In the experimental system, scientists want to create by 2025 to matter, as it occurs otherwise only in All. They promise new insights into the evolution of the universe. To be Fair, also other countries are involved, whether they are, however, also take on a part of the cost, is currently unclear.


Because of rising costs and the threat of delays, fear of the examiner that the pursuit of unique scientific significance will not be achieved. Because other countries are also working on similar systems.

A spokeswoman for the Federal Ministry of research confirmed cost increases, but rejected the allegations of poor cost management: The system is technologically complex, resulting in extreme demands on the fire and radiation would result in protection.

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