Legal Trouble on the push of a button: The higher regional court of Munich has forbidden Amazon on Thursday, to sell Laundry detergent, coffee, and other Goods of daily demand in Germany, more about his so-called Dash Buttons. The stick-on buttons, which came in Germany in 2016 to the market, leading to intransparent orders.

The Dash Buttons for example on the washing machine or the fridge paste, and each manufacturer have a printed logo, for the order of the product in the touch of a button. What exactly the customer ordered, he decided, when you Install the App. However, to change Details and prices. Amazon can deliver a comparable substitute product.

lacked Clear information on the content, price, and the clear note on a paid order by Pressing the Buttons, were the judges. So Amazon is in breach of the statutory regulations for the conclusion of a fee-based contract on the Internet. The judgment is not yet final, complained to the consumers of the Westphalia Central North Rhine-Westphalia.

Amazon wants to appeal

Amazon is not loading, it says on Thursday to MIRROR demand: “today’s ruling is only hostile to innovation – customers are also prevents the fact, to make an informed decision about whether or not a Service as the Dash Button enables a comfortable shopping experience.” We are convinced, “that the Dash Button and the accompanying App are in accordance with the German legislation” and have the right to appeal.

The consumer advice centre of North Rhine-Westphalia, writes on its Website that the court has not approved a Revision to the Federal court of justice: “Amazon will have to therefore, the equipment conforms to the law must develop, as soon as the judgment is final.”

Not only in the Amazon in use

How many customers those order buttons at all and what is the revenue Amazon makes, has not made use of the company in the past. Yet you are on Amazon’s German Website.

Similar to Wi-Fi-order buttons have also tested the Swiss Post and the trade group Valora. The Cologne Institute for trade research “Order” button but for a temporary solution, and will be replaced by voice control and Smart home devices.


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