success for the investigator in data-Leak case, According to SPIEGEL information has already been taken on Sunday, a 20-year-old man from Central Hessen. He is suspected to have hundreds of records of politicians and Celebrities on the Internet. In the first questioning, the man showed himself to confess.

according to The investigation, there is a single offender. “The full extent of his action was apparently not even aware of,” said an investigator of the MIRROR. The young man still lives with his parents. Initial findings suggest that there should be no Connections to foreign intelligence services.

On the trail of the investigators came to the young man by the testimony, and “digital traces”, which he had left, apparently, on the Internet. On Sunday evening, the police had the apartment of the suspects searched. However, the man had destroyed his Computer already. For more details, want to introduce the investigators on Tuesday afternoon at a press conference.

phone numbers, and chat histories

On Thursday, it was reported that an Unknown week of data on Twitter had posted. After the advent calendar principle he had from the 1. up to the 24. December posted a Link to a data package. Initially, it was mainly celebrities from the television and YouTube world. In the last few days before Christmas, the data of hundreds of politicians have been uploaded.

More about imago/ photothek data-Leak in the case of politicians and Celebrities: Six myths about the “hacker attack”

This was, in many cases, to a freely-accessible information, such as landline telephone numbers or E-Mail addresses. However, including private cell phone were numbers of political leaders or chat histories with family members. In particular, in the political world of the case, caused a commotion.

Since the 28. December have been published on the Twitter Account, no further data. On Friday, may 4. January, was locked out of the Account of Twitter.


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