it Is a kind of serial killer? John S., who is accused of data such as mobile phone numbers and private addresses of about a thousand politicians and the media to have at least in part, by illicit means, and on the Internet widespread, obtained, was noticed by the justice prior to his arrest.

According to SPIEGEL information, the office of the public Prosecutor in Gießen initiated in the last few years, three investigation proceedings against John S., among other things, on suspicion of Spying out of data – an Offence under Section 202a of the penal code and of forgery of evidence of significant data.

General office

accepts completed None of the three methods. The Giessen prosecutors presented the cases well, the General Prosecutor’s office of Frankfurt am Main, the determined in the current case against.

meanwhile, the impression that John S. has not procured only from “Trouble” on individual statements of politicians and Celebrities whose data and published, as first reported, it was compacted. According to research of the LEVEL, there are numerous indications that the students in the network spread extreme right-wing positions and in the environment of right-wing “hacktivist” has been moved.

voice catching Podcast #81: Doxing – Like data Theft, political opponents to intimidate

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Under one of the him that were allocated pseudonyms (r00taccess) have not been posted in relevant forums, mainly Islamophobic and extreme right-wing comments, such as: “islam is filth (: we live in 6. A century or so people now, you why know, the Nazis will come again”. In addition, r00taccess berated “on the left of filthy do-gooders” and wrote: “the AfD will not get them out of the whole clan, because you need to clean up the NPD to tidy”.

Ideologically S. was influenced, apparently, among other YouTube channels such as “The Vulgar of analysis”, have taken in their hatred videos for several of the later victims of the data Leaks into the visor.

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