The 20-Year-old from Hessen, which is suspected to be behind the data Leak, had tried in the past few days, quickly, to destroy his equipment, and to cover his digital tracks.

As in the meticulous preparation of the leaked data, he was right: His hard drive, he has overwritten reportedly 32 Times, his Computer to a recycling yard “properly disposed of”.

The Holger Münch, the President of the Federal criminal police office said on Thursday in a non-public special meeting of the Committee on internal Affairs data theft in the case of politicians, Celebrities, and Youtubers. The police were now busy, its hard drive from a variety of hard drives, there has also been issued, to fish out.

Jan Schürlein, well-Known of the Suspect, wants the alleged perpetrators at the 4. January have yet to get a farewell E-Mail: “Have Telegram for the first time removed, will also destroy the PC, then I’ll call you in a couple of days or so.”

The 20-Year-old wanted to attract with the release of data attention to it – that law enforcement authorities will be searching nationwide to him, he had not expected to but apparently. “The Whole thing was unprecedented, with whom he has not expected,” said Jan Schürlein, had been with the offender in contact and also as a witness from the Bundeskriminalamt asked to the MIRROR.

“The cops are just in front of the door”

according to Schürlein gave the decisive tip, the 0rbit unmasked. To not only his testimony, but also a further indication, however, eventually led to the now suspects.

In an Interview with the ARD policy magazine “contrasts” told Schürlein, he told investigators that 0rbit is already a police. The Hacker had written him in October 2016 in a chat message: “The cops are just in front of the door” – the BKA, the date of the chat with the former discovery operations to match.

In a public Statement Schürlein on Thursday, also asserted that the alleged perpetrator had taken under the Pseudonym “Nullr0uter/NFO” two user accounts that belong to YouTube groups Guude and ApeCrime, – with him is a mistake. “His then-anonymisation software (VPN), failed, and switched for a small period of time on its real IP-address, the house connection to the parents,” Schürlein. After the affected YouTuber criminal set display, could make him the investigator at the time, therefore quickly identified.

No references to data purchase in the Darknet

objected to A report the “Bild”newspaper, according to which the alleged perpetrator is said to have purchased data such as passwords in the Darknet, BKA-chief Münch in the special session. The fits to the statements of the Central office for combating Internet crime (QUOTED): “we have no knowledge about it before, according to the current state of the investigation, that the Accused has data purchased in connection with the Leak in the Darknet,” it was said from there on MIRROR-demand. “Neither what passwords are concerned all records. It is such a new property.”

Although handling stolen goods, who, from the beginning, also because of Data, because there is always the possibility that parts of the Leaks spying on Data, third-party based. “In the current case, there is neither information on the Darknet on the purchase of”, so the ZIT.

After the according to the investigators, default parameters are already suspect of the crime was taken on Sunday to provisionally determine, he is now free again.

with Material of dpa/AFP. In a first Version of the article was that the hard drive had been deleted 32. However, it was “overwritten”. This Passage has been corrected.

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