The Nerds said it was essential to be nerdy.
The privacy advocates said the need to take data protection much more seriously.
The Facebook-haters said that we had to delete his Facebook account.
The Social-Media-enemies said, all should finally be well to Social Media opponents.
The digital politicians said they needed more money for the digital policy.
The security authorities said they needed more powers for the security authorities.
The pirate party said, the rest of the policy would need to be piratiger.

After he had retired in part due to the Leaks of data and documents of hundreds of politicians of the green’s Chairman Robert Habeck is the social media, was applied to the same General recipe merrily:

The Social-Media experts said, Habeck should do Social Media, but could even hire Social Media experts.

The political strategists said, Habeck need a better political strategy.

Those who dispute out of the way, no Twitter, requested, Habeck could go to any Twitter argument out of the way.

The SPD Secretary-General, whose task is to lead debate, said that we should be led to be where debates.

The list goes on and on. But I don’t want to hide the fact that I like this pattern – “the solution I am” – is noticed out of an unpleasant reason. I had started to write a Text with recommendations for Habeck. After the first read-Through of the key points occurred to me, that I clever myself and my obviously incredible, but also incredibly shrewd in dealing with social media had described. I also wanted to be a solution! I’m not of course.

earth experts: Other people have other priorities

There are all the recommendations wrong, just because they come from people who describe themselves. It is often of the essence of the expert, to keep to their own rules. But the ubiquity of self-recommendation to a different conclusion: the lack of abstraction of the own Position. The lack of understanding that there are very different people with very different priorities. I’ll take that as a sign of a still immature debate and everyone’s great helplessness to the new realities of networking.

Difficult, dangerous, self-recommendation, Orgy of the will passes where you are in “victim blaming”, that is, when the victims for the acts wholly or partly responsible. Especially for tech savvy people this attitude is to be observed: Self-blame, why do you have instead of Facebook, no IRC via Tor Browser on an encrypted, Linux-Phablet? Also, the data protection group, in any case, not infrequently, to the fundamentalism threshold along prancing in, it tends in the actual debate on the bossiness. Both positions underestimate on the one hand, the Dimension and the Inevitability of digitization, and on the other hand, the enormous diversity of people.

platforms such as Facebook must also be people to use, to know literally nothing about the digital world. To ensure this, is the task of the digital companies, which we could already expect much more than that. To urge and sanction non-implementation, which is the object of the policy. There is a long technical methods, to make many of the under existing, public knowledge, instruments used by the Leakers harmless. The implementation would have cost the digital corporations are just a lot of money. That they are here, nevertheless, has a disturbing reason.

safety authorities seem to be inadequately prepared for the present

“carelessness … would be completely misplaced,” said Seehofer at the press conference for the data Leak, it’s going to be “risk-conscious Action” of the Individual. This is not flat enough to be wrong. But of all the green Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann from formulated what many politicians of the pre-digital Generation is often behind it: “the chirping of birds in spring is more important to me than I tweet myself.” Even more, the sound – if the same as early as 2014 – at that time, the designated EU digital Commissioner Günther Oettinger, as a comparable data-Leak velvet Hack very intimate photos of many prominent women have been published in the network: “If someone is so stupid and as a celebrity with a Nude photo of himself and into the net, he did not expect, however, that we will protect him.”

Behind it stands next to the smack of “victim blaming” is also the persisting view that participation on the Internet is somehow optional. That is a betrayal of a Generation that does not want to use social media – but the likely to have without Social Media big problems with job search and social environment. Risk-Conscious Behaviour? No, Doxing, so the publication of private data to harm a Person, must at last be as a large company problem detected. Mainly because of the different types of digital humor publication, often the most vulnerable people are affected: miss girl needed was blackmailing women, a lot of minorities are attacked. The digital Public has become, not only for politicians, celebrities, journalists, to a room of Aggression, where the weapon of private data Power is exercised. It has taken just now, and this is not only bad because the Problem has become more evident.

Anne Roth, Digital expert and staff member of the Bundestag Anke Domscheit-Berg, reported that the Federal government took place in December, that “Doxing” is not a “Cybercrime”, the corresponding “Cybercrime”-authority not responsible. An Echo of this attitude in the authorities themselves complained of Leak-victim Martin Schulz. It was a “tough process” to inform the competent Authorities only. And that could be the case of a former candidate for Chancellor with its own employees, the better networked. It seems to me that the security authorities in the country are not adequately prepared for the future. Or better: to the present. The responsibility for this, I only see the part of the authorities, and very much more at the policy. For the leadership of the Federal government, the digital sphere is personally namely actually optional. And it looks like you could put yourself in a much better other people than the experts, promoting itself as a solution. Digital abstinence is the I solution of the already Non-Digital.

Doxing can be used for a political weapon

It is a coincidence that included that the published intimacies seems to be very little data, which would be a good for a real blackmail. What comes, we can see, if you look on the one hand, on the elections of 2016 in the USA and on the other hand, in the year 2019 in Germany and Europe. Some governments want to damage liberal democracies, and Leaks for years been among the instruments: Leak policy. The wide reach of social media in connection with the difficult backup of personal data and change the political Public.

Whether it is a cancer is before the European elections, having an affair before a state election or a frivolous note at the end of agreement between: The Leak can and must now also available in Germany as a political weapon to be understood. A young, ruthless, criminal man from his Central Hessian nursery without apparatus, or more substantial hacking knowledge for a violent vibration. Actually, but is a General sample of the German policy for the threats of the 21st century. Century. For the urgent solutions to be found I, I, I don’t need to be that hot:.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.