The Hasso-Plattner-Institute (HPI) has experienced after the recent Datenleak a rush of visitors to his “Identity Leak Checker”. The interest had increased since the beginning of the year “by leaps and bounds,” said HPI Director Christoph Meinel. In the last three weeks of the Service of the Institute had been used more than 1.5 million Times, to allow personal data to check.

users can use their E-Mail address for free check if your information appearing in data leaks. Since 2014, the Identity Leak Checker was used according to the HPI of more than nine million users.

In the past few days have almost every second user will be informed that his E-Mail address was used in conjunction with other personal data accessible on the web.

The underlying database now includes more than eight billion records. 2.2 billion E-Mail addresses are only due to the under the name of “Collection of one to five” known data collections published, said Meinel. Some of these collections also contain passwords that users have used together with your E-Mail address to be located somewhere in the network log.

How to check his E-Mail addresses

The great rush to the “Identity Leak Checker” may be related also to the fact that the publication of the “Collection of one to five,” followed shortly on another data scandal, which had caused quite a stir. A student from Hessen, which occurred in the network, among other things, under the name of 0rbit, had spread an extensive collection of personal data, the E-Mail addresses, cell phone numbers and chat included news of nearly 1,000 politicians as well as journalists and Youtubers.

anyone Who wants to check whether or not the E-Mail address appears somewhere in the stock of HPI, the corresponding address on this Website. As a result, the ILC will generate a message as shown here to the same address, in tabular form, it is stated, when, in which Leak the address and optionally other data, such as passwords, telephone numbers or credit card numbers were included.

/ Untitled X-Ray “Collection #1” and co.: What to do if the private data are part of a large Leaks?

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