From left are Samsung Group heiress Lee Boo-jin, SK Group heiress Chey Yoon-jeong, and Amore-Pacific heiress Suh Min-jeong. Photo courtesy of each group

Businesswomen from massive business conglomerates

The Korea News Plus will start a series of highlighting businesswomen related to South Korea’s chaebol, which refer to massive business conglomerates like Samsung, Hyundai, SK, and LG.

The sprawling groups have dominated the Korean economy over the past few decades. Their founding families tend to exercise full control despite small direct shareholdings.

In terms of leadership change of chaebol, father-to-son power transfer was typical. But recently, an increasing number of businesswomen took charge of the stewardship.

Some are still seemingly happy with their traditional roles of housewives, for example.

The list of outstanding daughters of chaebol family are as follows.


Samsung Group Lee Boo-jin (1)

Samsung Group Lee Seo-hyun (2)

Hyundai Motor Group heiresses (3)

SK Group Chey Yoon-chung (4)

SK Group Chey Min-jung (5)


LG Group Koo Huan-mee/Koo Mi-jeong (6)

Lotte Group Shin Young-ja (7)

Lotte Group Shin Yu-mi (8)

Amore-Pacific Suh Min-jeong/Suh Ho-jeong (9)

CJ Group Lee Kyeong-hoo (10)


Hanjin Group Cho Hyun-ah (11)

Hanjin Group Cho Hyun-min (12)

Daesang Group Lim Se-ryung (13)

Daesang Group Lim Sang-min (14)

Kumho Petrochemical Park Joo-hyung (15)

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