this year, the term of office of the EU ends-President of the Commission Jean-Claude Juncker. And when it comes to Klaus Schwab, the chief of the world economic forum (WEF) in Davos, Angela Merkel should go to Brussels, and Juncker’s successor.

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“I hope that Mrs Merkel withdraws from the policy. I would hope that you will be the next President of the EU Commission,” said Schwab in an Interview with the MIRROR. Europe need reform, but, above all, a strong, statesmanlike leadership to the EU to hold together. “I don’t see anyone except her, could it,” says Schwab. (Click here to read the entire interview at MIRROR+.)

Schwab sees Europe as a potential loser in the global trade conflict. This conflict was “in truth a battle for supremacy in the fourth industrial Revolution”. Who is in the digital Economy leader, procure a hardly einholbaren tab. “We see it in companies like Google, Amazon, and Alibaba, the Same applies at the state level: It is a question of whether China or the United States win the supremacy”, the WEF founder.

And more: “Europe is in this fight to my deep Regret, practically non-existent.” The continent need “a feat as landing on the moon, to win in the digital economy connection”.

The world economic forum will take place from 22. to 25. January in Davos. Are expected to be around 2500 international representatives from economy, politics, science and society.

In the MIRROR, Schwab defended the Meeting against the charge, to serve the interests of the global corporations. “We are not a Lobbying organization,” WEF boss. No company should more than contribute 0.3 percent to the Budget of the organization. “We don’t parry when someone threatens to leave us.”

He defends himself against the often-criticized invitation policy of the forum. It is important that high-ranking government would be representative of the United States, China and Russia to Davos, in order to reduce the “risk of a political confrontation between these three big powers”.

U.S. President Donald Trump had cancelled his visit to Davos on Thursday and this is with the internal political dispute over a wall on the Mexican border is justified. Also, the President of France Emmanuel Macron said his participation for reasons of timing.

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