The advantage of good Scenes is that the guests to pose in front of it for Instagram and advertising for a make. The disadvantage of good Scenes is that the guests to pose in front of it, even if for a few minutes, a fashion show is to run. In the case of Dawid Tomaszewski. For be 10. Anniversary as a Designer, he has let a former supermarket after a work by Andy Warhol, decorating, finally had a birthday recently. “We wanted to celebrate,” Tomaszewski reveal before the Show. In the middle of the room, silver, air-filled pillows from the ceiling, a few lie on the ground. It Techno is running, too loud for the boxes and for the ears. It roars.

are made all the Selfies and snapshots, you can start. Almost. Because not everyone has found his place, must here and there be still filled a gap. Otherwise, it looks in the photos. To 20.16 clock, just under a quarter of an hour later than planned, is it then really so far. What is now shown, describes Dawid Tomaszewski with two words: “opulent minimalism”. A contradiction, it seems. The 38-Year-old for it is a fact: “the cut is incredibly reduced, then a gnarly Print on it. Or Vice-versa.”

Today the patterns are wild. Tomaszewski has put together a Bauhaus motif. This may not be the Bauhaus of the year, not necessarily surprising, but it is also in all the other years, a big Fan of the design school. The collection he has titled “Colour Screens”, it is so colorful. Black was never his color, but for about three years, he is much more colourful. “Because I’m grown up,” he believes. He is now 38 and starting a family.

Also, his company is now all grown up. He can still remember his first Show, in 2010: was hardly a wizard, much of this was improvised. Today, he directs a company to expand internationally. He has responsibility for employees, he is not good in the business, designing long-only fashion. For Rolf Benz, he has styled armchair, glasses and shoes he has already made, the last of a thermos bottle for McCafé. The Koi decorated part, there are in – probably generous – it’s a limited edition for the current Fashion Week.


is As well-Tomaszewski in the business, also place cards. 15 Logos plus his own are printed on the back, from Tinder to a real estate company, everything is represented, even the EU (regional development Fund) and the city of Berlin (project future). This is not unusual. Many designers could afford without sponsors, no elaborate fashion shows. And no fashion show, no Text would be here probably.

“Colour Screens” so The first Look is a combination of a knee-length, front buttoned skirt, and a Blazer. The pattern looks very wild. The Rest is simple, as promised – a classic cut, not a big lapel, long Sleeve, or something like that. The feet of the Models put socks in cream-colored knee, decorated with colorful Swarovski stones, each Hand-glued. Even his mother helped get everything ready on time.

opening look at Dawid Tomaszewski

the next designs – a dress, a coat (for some Tomaszewski, the “king of coats”), a pants suit, a one piece decorated with the Bauhaus Interpretation. Some of the pieces are two-tone, the other crosses very colorful: yellow, green, blue, red, and brown stripes on the white fabric. The two colored parts look better. Completely monochromatic Looks are checkered as well.

After that, it becomes darker and more glamorous. A shimmering sequined skirt on to see the upon closer inspection, the pattern of stripes, will be worn to a dark brown sweater, the Tomaszewski with a dark yellow stripe has chipped. A little blatant, and something simple, opulent minimalism.

A month for a coat

in addition, Tomaszewski has this evening, the Council of Europe: – wide knit sweater, a quilted vest with a large collar, blouses, tube dresses and a bit of a weird-looking skirts with a cross on the Front extending seam. The pants are partially cut so that of the shoes when Running, only the tip peeking out. Here and there is tulle, for example on the hood of hoodies, or a skirt that is covered with marabou feathers.

The most time-consuming part is a braided sheath, the restore about a month has taken “breaks”. Tomaszewskis favorite parts of the kaftans are. His mother, in addition to art, his biggest Inspiration, has previously worn all the time. Every woman should have one, he finds. So he makes the Models to the end once again in his Kaftan designs emergence. Set up around the Installation. The Show is almost over, all that’s missing is the man now all the wait.

Designer Dawid Tomaszewski

Tomaszewski – all in Black with a tuxedo jacket – and gets the applause in the Past. He is running along a piece of its guests the catwalk. About half-way through, where the Berlin mayor is seated, he stops, puts the hands before the breast and bows. The mayor, who is also Senator for Economics, presented him a bouquet of flowers. Tomaszewski smiles, he looks proud. The moment the glow seems to give him great pleasure. But now is not to celebrate or Rest announced. Once a collection is finished, he will have to start with another work, “otherwise, I always think of the stuff on the trailer”. Continue, to stop, without contradictions, it is not at Dawid Tomaszewski, this is exactly why it works.

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