piglets may be castrated in Germany for the time being, still without anesthesia. Actually, the procedure at the beginning of the next year should be prohibited. The Bundestag has now decided to extend the transition period for a ban on the method until the end of 2020.

the CDU and the SPD defended its actions and mentioned a last time, but at the moment, inevitable extension of the deadline. The Greens, the Left and the German animal protection Association criticised the decision. The former agriculture Minister Renate Künast (Green party) accused the Grand coalition, she was “the parliamentary Arm of the builders Association and slaughter industry” and kick the animal protection with the feet. Animal welfare-President Thomas Schröder said, it just give three different animal welfare and a viable alternative method.

matching devices are missing on the market

the coalition said. The animal welfare officer of the SPD parliamentary group, Susanne lunch, said that the existing alternative methods are “completely viable”. For example, the devices for anaesthesia, with the agent Isoflurane on the market are not yet sufficiently available. The CDU member of Parliament Silvia Breher showed anger at the fact that not sufficient to the development of the Alternatives worked. Therefore, the deadline should be extended now for the last Time for two years.

The proposed ban from 2019, it was decided with the Reform of the animal protection act in 2013. In Germany, millions of piglets are castrated a few days after birth without anesthesia. In order to avoid that the meat from boars gets a strong odor and aftertaste. Animal rights activists criticize the practice.

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