With so-called bag freight trains tractor trailer transport truck trailer. The trailer of the truck to be loaded on the wagons and then backed up. Nevertheless, accident on the bridge over the Great Belt (Storebælt) was on a heavy track in the last week, a truck trailer of a freight train with an oncoming passenger train collides.

After this serious accident with eight fatalities, the Danish transport authority has the Transport of the trailer with a Bag is now prohibited. According to the first findings of the beer crates filled trailer had the misfortune with the 131 passengers and three crew members occupied Express train triggered.

The ban will apply according to the notification until Further notice and with immediate effect for the entire Danish rail network. After a Test, the authority, there is a risk that the trailer can not be sufficiently secured.

New storm is open rules for all the freight trains

the Extent to which this limitation is the so-called rolling road affected the exchange of goods with and within the Scandinavian country. All of the concerned cargo companies had been informed of the decision.

The transport authority has also amended the rules, for which wind speeds and how fast freight trains the bridge over the Great Belt are allowed to enter. From a wind speed of 25 meters per second are allowed to go about no freight trains anymore.

In the case of the train wreck on 2. January had been stormy. It was the hardest misfortune to Danish tracks since the year 1988. Five women and three men died.


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