Maybe we Donald Trump must one day be grateful. It sounds awful to say such a thing, I know. Any sensible person thinks that when you write Down such a sentence withered Hand. What Trump says or does is either of high simplicity, or of a frightening viciousness.

I am not writing this because I am of the opinion, at least, a German Journalist had to take for the American President’s party, and it was for the sake of sportiness. There is the rare case that all are in agreement, because the majority is right.

And yet the Idiot can be in a point correctly, and it was by accident. This is a point that Trumps China’s policy may be.

for some reason, we look in Germany, with great good will to China. My colleague, René Pfister has been described on the occasion of a Beijing-journey of the Chancellor the other day, very nice, like a mild, and understanding, speaks to the Chancellor about the Chinese President, which is fairly amazing, considering how hard and relentlessly you at the same time over Vladimir Putin’s verdict.

Compared with China, Russia is a friendly autocracy. Every five years the Parliament will be elected, at least theoretically. There is even opposition parties, and something like free Internet access. In China, however, you can be happy, when you are seen politically as so unremarkable that no one above is interested in one. Here, it is sufficient that you are part of a faith movement that continues their faithful to prayer, and to disappear on years in the labor camp.

Nevertheless, German government representatives, little is known about how brutal the Chinese government do with dissenters. Or why you should better not a government trust, the holding of the observance of international agreements for a sign of weakness.

I have to admit, I am, with regard to the Chinese, biased. I was a few years ago with the then Federal President Horst Köhler on a state visit in Beijing and Shanghai. On the first evening there was a state Banquet, the entire Delegation took part. Normally, efforts are made in such a opportunity to come with his neighbor into the conversation. We exchanged a few pleasantries, and shows interest in, in terms of the specifics of the country and its inhabitants. It’s called conversation, it is a widespread custom.

I could have gone to the trouble of contacting the save, as the course of the Banquet. Hardly the Speeches were finished, turned to me, my neighbors to the back and played around on their phones. Then it was applied to the food, which meant that you had to see to it that you also got something on the plate.

Then, my conversation partner devoted themselves to the screen of their Smartphones. That I didn’t take this personally, proved to have a glance to the other tables. Interest for the neighbors, even if only feigned, does not seem to belong to the rules of courtesy, the it is internalized in the middle Kingdom.

business model of the kind of ignorance

Now could all of us be welcome no matter how many Chinese in the world, if China would be preparing to dominate the world ascend to power. The only major power that is currently still in the location, it is with the Chinese, are the USA. The Chinese government is a master of it, to nod, non-binding, if it indicates that you respect the commonly agreed rules – and then right there to continue where it was interrupted.

The American China policy in the past 20 years, Essentially, to politely remind you that copyright and trade agreements are nothing, only when it suits you. Trump is the first President not to accept the Chinese business model of the kind of ignorance of Western desires for longer, and thus the rise of China’s undisputed super power, if not stops, but slows down.

I think we are, as regards China and its interests, is naive. We can’t imagine in Germany is that an economy allocates all the national interests, because we have ceased years ago, to think in national categories. When someone says that Germany would do well to consider his interests, it means that he sinned in the European idea.

Unheard warnings

Even in the case of companies that have for Germany’s enormous strategic value, we give without hesitation to the control except for Hand. Two years ago, the sale of the robot manufacturer Kuka to the Chinese Midea Group for discussion. Robotics is a key technology that is going to win with the triumph of artificial intelligence.

There was a serious vote, warned that the sale be approved. But the warnings went unheard in the time of Sigmar Gabriel-led Ministry of economic Affairs. The last thing you heard from Kuka, was that the long-time CEO was replaced.

for some reason we take offense to the Chinese, nothing. I suspect it has to do with the Asian type. Asia is home to profound wisdom, and Buddhist contemplation. Often only recognises his error when it is too late.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.