the father of The seven-year-old from Guatemala, who died two days after the fixing of the US border, has objected to details of the death of the girl.

Jakelin Caal Maquin and her father were on 6. September in a group of more than 150 migrants from the U.S. customs and border protection in New Mexico has been picked up. A few hours later, she vomited and stopped breathing. She died on 8. December in a Texas hospital.

The autopsy result is still pending, but according to the “Washington Post” had notified the U.S. authority already, the girls have to eat for days and drink. This allegation was rejected by her father. Jakelin have received on the journey adequate food and fluid, according to a Statement from the family. There had been no signs of health problems. The girl’s father is currently in a refugee camp in El Paso, Texas.

The case aroused in the USA great deal of attention and fuelled the debate about the handling of border guards with migrants. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has now released a log of events, the father of the girl denies. He raises no specific allegations against the security forces in the country, in his Statement, but an “objective and thorough investigation.”

reporters from several media attended the girl’s family in Guatemala. The mother said her husband and Jakelin have to escape the “extreme poverty” and money in the home want to send. “They had never seen a large country and was happy about the trip,” said the mother about Jakelin. “She said if she is going to work and mom and grandma send money.”

thousands of migrants are stranded at the border between Mexico and the United States, most are stuck in Tijuana. Also further to the East, the people are trying to get across the border. The refugees come mostly from Central America, have traveled thousands of miles to feet and then land, often in the custody of the customs and border protection CBP.

The number of detained immigrant families has increased significantly this year. The tough immigration policy Donald trump is a Central part of his presidency. Critics accuse him, to demonize immigrants for political purposes demon.

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