The young people had apparently celebrated together the birthday of one of the girls. But the trip in an “Escape Room” ended up being deadly for you. After the fire tragedy in the Polish Koszalin investigators have arrested the owner of the farm.

It was a 28-year-old man from the Wielkopolska province, said police President Jaroslaw Szymczyk on a televised press conference. This is not a record. The company could not be reached for comment by telephone.

In the case of the fire in Koszalin in the North of the country had come on the Friday five in a space enclosed by a 15-year-old girl killed, a 25-year-old man suffered severe burns. According to the initial findings of the Prosecutor’s office was escaped in an entrance hall with a Gas canister and had lit up. There are several gas heaters were secured.

Trend of the past years

In the case of an “Escape Game” or escape game is a group trying to escape from a locked room. You have to solve it under time pressure, certain puzzles and tasks. Escape Games have developed in recent years in many countries, a Trend. Popular the game for family celebrations and stag and hen parties, also in Germany, there are a lot of offers.


The forces described dramatic scenes. “The firefighters had to use special equipment and a lot of body strength to reach into the Interior”, said a spokesman for the TV station TVN24. The window had been closed and locked. The Arrival of the rescue services, the house had been already in flames.

By the fire in the hall had been blocked by the teenagers, according to prosecutors, the only way to escape. According to the autopsy all the victims died of poisoning by Flue gas carbon monoxide. It is produced in almost all apartment fires in large quantities.


Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki closed language of an unprecedented tragedy and announced far-reaching consequences. The first Escape-Game-deals had been closed by the authorities, said the politicians of the law and justice party (PiS).

immediately initiated nationwide inspections of the approximately 1100 Escape rooms in Poland resulted in a negative image: 178 already controlled transactions, the brand has not been fulfilled, according to the police, 129 protection regulations. “The criminal penalties must be very strict,” demanded interior Minister Joachim Brudzinski.

The government also announced to release dangerous gas stoves from the market. Considering also the obligation to install special Sensors for carbon monoxide. Meanwhile it became known that the Escape rooms are subject to in Poland so far, no special requirements.


In the case of a first inspection of the disaster building in Koszalin, numerous deficiencies have been identified. “There was not enough place for these people in this room,” said the top firefighter in Poland, Leszek Suski, according to PAP. This was only about seven square meters in size. Heaters have been close to combustible materials. In addition, candles have been found. The electrical installation had been provisional.

The President of Poland, Andrzej Duda spoke on Twitter of a “devastating tragedy”. The mayor of Koszalin Piotr Jedlinski, declared Sunday a day of mourning. The procession of the Three kings has been canceled. Koszalin is located approximately 160 kilometres to the West of Danzig (Gdansk). The coastal town in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship has just over 100,000 inhabitants.


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