A prominent representative of the movement of narrative figuration, current born in the 60’s, the painter Jacques Monory died Wednesday, October 17, at the age of 94 years in Paris, leaving behind him a work nourished by cinema, noir novel, and marked by the predominance of the blue. His death was announced to AFP by his widow, Paule. “The blue colour, almost exclusively, has been his signature, and his paintings in monochrome rendering, close to the photograph form as a long panoramic tinged with a melancholy, turning sometimes in the nightmare,” she stressed in a press release.

The cars, the guns, the death which lurks and women made up the repertoire of this artist, also a photographer and filmmaker (Ex – & Brighton Belle), whose works are exhibited in many public collections, including the centre Pompidou in paris. The painter was revealed with two series of paintings : Murder (1968) and the Velvet Jungle (1969-1971), reflecting his passion for the 7th art and the universe black.

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The death is at the heart of his work

Two major exhibitions at the MAC/VAL in 2005 and in 2014 at the contemporary art centre of the family Leclerc Landerneau (Finistère), were devoted to it. Born in reaction to abstract art, figuration narrative account as other representatives famous Icelandic Erro and the Spaniard Eduardo Arroyo, died Sunday.

Asked by The World in 2004, Jacques Monory felt that death was everywhere in his work : “I believe that I am very afraid of death. Everyone has fear. But I’m afraid for a long time. “

And add :

” In a table recently, I put a very important character for me. I used a photograph of a type taken by a mexican photographer who was called Casasola. He worked between 1910 and 1925, Mexico, at a time when there were a lot of revolutions, and where we fusillait quite easily. The picture was taken two seconds before his execution, and he is fed up, he smokes. One might think that this is a revolutionary, that he has ideas that support it. But that’s not all : it is a little thief. He could perhaps not read, but he understood something for a laugh like that in front of death. “

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