To 21.48 at Jose Antonio Jimenez was declared dead by The U.S. state of Florida has once again executed a convicted criminal. With a poison-filled syringe, the authorities took the 55-Year-old in the Florida State Prison near the town of Strong life.

Before his death, Jimenez waived last words, according to the news Agency Reuters reported, citing a prison spokesman. As the last meal he had received, among other things, a Sandwich with Turkey and ham, French fries, ginger lemonade, and ice cream.

Jimenez had previously been sitting for about 26 years for the murder of Phyllis Minas in the death cell and his execution been waiting for. He had stabbed the long-standing court staff during a break-in in October 1992. The 63-year-old was killed in her apartment in the North of Miami, when she surprised the burglars. Eight times he stabbed her, then he could flee, first over the balcony.

USA executed in 2018, so far, 25 people

due to this fact, well executed Jimenez is already of the 28. Prisoner, against the Florida Governor Rick Scott since taking office in 2011, the death penalty, enforce it. The Republican leaders seems to stem against the Trend, according to which there was in the past few years in the United States overall, is less and less executions.

The Death Penalty Information Center, according to have been 2018, in the United States overall, so far, 25 people. It is the fourth year in a row, in which there were country-wide less than 30 executions.

executions since 1976

Since the resumption of the death penalty in the United States in the year 1976, the number of executions rose to 98 in 1999. 2016, you were 20 on your lowest level – apparently because of the executions in the US used poison cocktails in the criticism. Because the contained narcotics, Midazolam should not be strong enough to the pain of the dying death to press candidates. Until the beginning of December is a convicted murderer had been executed, therefore, in the state of Tennessee after many years in the electric chair.

according to surveys, the support of the Americans for the death penalty varies but. Since a peak in the nineties, the number of followers has decreased. A Gallup poll of 2018 showed that 56 percent of Americans supported the death penalty for a Person convicted or a murder.


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