the fate of The two-year-old Julen, of the was recovered in the night of Saturday, dead from a 107-Meter-deep hole, held around two weeks in Spain and half the world in breath. So far, this was a human Drama. Now, where the futile rescue operation in the tragic rescue, back questions as to causes and blame in the foreground.

The tragedy of the boy who fell during a family picnic in an inadequately protected borehole, raises many questions. The rescuers worked well and quickly enough? Experts see here is not a failure: The action was time-consuming, technically demanding experiments, and unprecedented in the history of salvation. 85,000 tons of earth were moved in the last twelve days to get to Julen. This lasted for 13 excruciatingly long days, but much faster, it would have been hardly possible, in order to the boy.

It is the questions as to the causes. Where did this hole? And why was it not secured?


at Least, the answers to these last questions now, because the Boy was recovered dead, Julen was able to fall into this treacherous hole, because in Spain the ground is quasi-pierces. The death-hole of Totalán is a piece of Spanish normality.

To over one Million by the environmental organization Greenpeace estimates that the number of such illegal wells drilling. The newspaper “El Mundo” reported that, in reality, there were a lot more. And “those holes, which do not lead to success, will be more covers in the poor”.

rescue shaft: 85,000 tons of earth moved

you are the desperate, mostly unauthorized, and therefore illegal resistance of the farmers against a lack of rainfall and excessive water extraction rapidly declining groundwater levels.

For years it rains in Spain due to climate change, too little. Rivers are drying up, especially in the South and inland there are more and more stone desert-like landscapes. Owners of plots of land and Fincas hire, therefore, the so-called “Poceros”, experienced a “hole digger” with holes, often dug in the true cloak – and-dagger actions. Popularly, these shafts are called “moon holes”.


The experienced “Pocero” Antonio Jesús Perálvarez, you’re the winner for his work from 2000 to 4000 euros, took in an interview with “El Mundo” no leaf before the mouth. “My task is to drill the hole. The cover also takes care of in the case of legal holes the Client. Especially since the want to often look after a few days, if water comes out.” Normally, the Opening of the hole “with a large stone cover, the a child is not high, can lift”.

Julens father José Rosello admitted that the accident was not secured in the hole with only a 25-centimeter-wide Opening on the property of a friend of one of his cousins well enough: “It was covered with some stones, they (the cousin and the friend).”

no one have removed these stones. “But the stones were not. Julen is probably stepped on it and slipped.” The Small was reported to be very slim, he weighed only eleven pounds.

You can see all of this as a fatal concatenation of coincidences that resulted in the greatest disaster. Or you can say bluntly that Julen died, because Spain are withered, – he would thus be an indirect victim of climate change.

representatives of the government of Gomez de Celis: “Includes illegal Wells!”

indeed, the primary cause of death of young children seems to be an instance of maladministration, you can find millions of times across the country: dry, illegally drilled, inadequately secured “moon holes”.

you should back in the next few days, the focus of reporting to the tragedy Julens. On Saturday morning, Alfonso Rodriguez Gomez de Celis, a representative of the Andalusian regional government reported to the Public through the completion of the salvage operation.

not wanted the previous investigations on the cause of death of the young and the illegal hole, through which he came to death, Rodríguez Gómez comment. But he called on the population to Act: “Anyone who has self-tasked an illegal well, I would like to ask to close this again. We do not want a unhappy case like this ever be repeated.”


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