Four drunken men, aged between 17 and 19 years fell on Saturday evening, in the upper Palatinate Amberg at passers-by. Twelve people were injured, the men are sitting in detention. So sorry for the victims: a nationally significant message that is not actually drunk, is beaten often. The youth offenders come from Afghanistan, Syria and Iran, and asylum seekers. Since the local newspaper. note quickly on the matter, speaks of the Federal Minister of the interior personally

“The events in Amberg have me very upset,” said the outgoing CSU chief Horst Seehofer of the “image”-newspaper, excesses of violence, which we cannot tolerate.”” In the Interview, he renewed his call for tougher laws to, in Germany, has become the asylum of crime, and to the end of faster in their home countries, deport.

That interior Minister Seehofer wants to tighten the asylum law is nothing New. He has, however, it is necessary to seek a more marginal incident, to start the new year with a sadness barely whitewashed political Offensive, is not only pathetic, but socially controversial. Because it is both a Symptom and cause of a discourse that has shifted in the past few years in Germany dangerous to the right.

This is about the fact, how different with acts of violence will be dealt with. At almost the same time to the attack in Amberg, Germany, a racially motivated act of terrorism, the got to date much less political weight occurred: A 50-year-old German raced on the 31. December between Essen and Bottrop, Germany with his Mercedes station wagon in passers-by groups, he held the look for “foreigners”. Here, too, there was fortunately only injured. At the time of his arrest and first interrogation the man is said to have racially-expressed.

read the topic of Auto-attack in the Ruhr area “of terrorism

speak” In an Interview with the “Bild” said Seehofer also to Bottrop: this fact, the home Minister, have made him “very concerned”. It was for him “political credibility to pursue both cases with determination and hardness.” No talk of “Violence”, not a trace of passion, instead, the formulation of needs: Must, otherwise not credible. A rhetorical marginalization.

the hour of The social democracy. Actually.

The more consistent but the Terror is small talk, while at the same time, asylum seekers are stylized and migrants in the political Public sphere to the “mother of all problems”, the more right-wing forces feel entitled to leave their dull thoughts and hate-fantasies into action. The discourse shift to look at the supposed Stranger, in principle, as a “Problem” or “danger”, while at the same time complain about how powerless the state is still sharper tools of the trade, is expected to reinforce the delusional right-wing perpetrators or groups, to understand itself as the Executive organs of a silent majority.

In an Interview with the Germany radio, the CDU politician and interior expert Armin Schuster said that he was aware of “how easy it is that such a Crazy polymerize radically”. Therefore, it is important, says Schuster, “that the rule of law sends a trust signal to the population, we say that the rule of law is strong-willed and does not let anything. And that is why you have to talk about stricter expulsion rules in the case of such offenders. You have to talk about better deportation.”

shoemaker’s argument is exemplary for the political discourse of the past few years, to be considered as Dogma, seems to be that the rise of right-wing groups will only meet a part of their rhetoric and claims – in order for everything to remain a radical in the civil spectrum in terms of medical, as it was in the old Federal Republic for the most part. This could be an aberration, shows the handling of the events in Chemnitz and Bottrop, but also unverhohlenere radical right-wing tendencies within the authorities and the police.

What is threatening to get in this ever further to the right rotating spiral from the focus, is a “trust signal” to those probably actually a majority part of the German population, the more of a right Terror as asylum seekers feel threatened. What politician with similar media weight as Horst Seehofer calls for actually, in light of the events in Bottrop, Germany, stricter laws and a tougher approach against right-wing radicals? The Federal government had, so far, only a dry Statement of a Deputy government spokesperson read.

the hour of the social Democrats and the left care policy: The terrorist driver of Bottrop, it is said, live of Hartz IV and was standing alone to go down but actually, right now. Apparently he had a history of mental health problems. About the degree of his loneliness and social isolation, one can only speculate. But it seems at least not unlikely that his enemies declared to be Victims in the sense of Isolation, disintegration, and precarization closer than he would admit. Poverty, lack of Opportunity and social inequality, the problems that lead to radicalization and hatred, regardless of cultural Background or country of origin. Do not let along with a few juvenile offenders deported.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.