It was a fraud at great value: The global debt amounted to 244 trillion dollars. The are 318 percent of total economic output, as of Tuesday’s published debt-to-monitor by the Institute of International Finance in Washington, calculates that. This is the sum of the liabilities of private households, companies and the public sector all over the world in the third quarter of 2018.

The value of robust growth not quite as high as the previous record in the fall of 2016, when the rate was 320 per cent. The absolute debt by a further twelve percent to the dizzying value of $ 244 trillion dollars, however, since 2016 climbed.

For the increase are mainly companies located in emerging market countries – particularly China – as well as state budgets in industrial countries. Also the debt of private households in emerging countries rose sharply. Many States need to submitted no later than the end of 2020, the financing of large parts of their sovereign debt on new legs – including Egypt, Nigeria, Colombia, and Argentina.

International economic experts to see the high level of debt as a risk to the world economy. The International monetary Fund (IMF) the debt identified as one of the major risks for the world economy


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