With his appearance at the funeral for the well-known Russian human rights activist Lyudmila Alexeyeva has angered Russian President Vladimir Putin opposition. Putin resigned on Tuesday in Moscow at the aufgebahrten coffin on Saturday at the age of 91 years deceased Alexeyeva red roses and spoke with their relatives.

in honor of the former Soviet dissident was Putin will also hold a minute’s silence in the human rights Council in the Kremlin to stop the Alexeyeva. “You know how to find compromises,” said Putin to the Deceased. “There are ways to find it within the laws of compromises, if you have the will to do so.”

Putin’s presence at the high security arrangements accompanied the memorial ceremony, reacted angrily to several mourners. “He probably wants to act human. But it looks disgusting, with everything that is happening in the country,” said the opposition politician Dmitry Gudkov, who also took farewell of Alexeyeva.

Putin wool may appear “civilized”, was criticized by the doctoral student Alexander Sharov.

The Russian human rights Commissioner Tatiana Moskalkowa defended against Putin’s participation. Its presence is evidence of how activists could successfully cooperate with authorities, she said.

Several visitors to the memorial ceremony wore T-Shirts with inscriptions to the imprisoned activists. They reminded about to Ojub Titijew, the imprisoned head of the Memorial human rights centre in Chechnya. This sent a message of condolence, which was read by the prominent activist Svetlana Gannushkina.

Alexeyeva was an icon of the struggle for civil rights in their homeland. It was founded in 1976 in cooperation with the Nobel peace prize winner Andrei Sakharov, the Moscow Helsinki group, which campaigns for the observance of human rights.


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