The armed forces of Kosovo include, so far, 2500 man, they are easy to provided armed and civil cases. And they are not summarized in the Kosovo Security Force (KSF), an official army. But that should change now.

The Parliament in Pristinia has decided that the KSF is to be converted into an army. The decision of Kosovo is to be understood as a demonstrative sign of his independence from Serbia.

The 107 deputies present voted unanimously for the appropriate laws, however, the vote, according to the AFP news Agency by deputies of the Serbian minority boycotted. The new law, the new force with the conversion of a “mandate for the defense of the country”.

The Parliament has yet to vote on a law project, in which the future organisation structure of the new army. With the conversion, the strength of the force should be doubled to 5000 and the new army equipped with US weapons and vehicles. Washington supported the initiative.

he is Also among ethnic Albanians, who form the majority population in Kosovo, especially popular. In the North of Kosovo, a compact area of settlement of the Serbs, flagged, however, many of the inhabitants of their houses with the Serbian flags. They wanted to bring their displeasure with the Parliament’s decision, in Pristina.

Serbia threatens to indirectly force

Serbia is upset about the conversion. The country does not recognise the 2008 unilaterally by Kosovo declared independence, and considered the Republic as his province. Belgrade represents the army’s plans as a threat to the 120,000 are still living in Kosovo are Serbs. The government in Pristina rejects. She stressed that many Serbs serve in the KSF. The armed forces are multi-ethnic and inclusive.

The Serbian Prime Minister, Ana Brnabic Kosovo threatened prior to the decision, even indirectly, with violence: “I hope that we never have to use our army, but at present this is one of the possible options.”

Since the end of the war in Kosovo in 1999 the Nato-led Kfor Mission is for the security in Kosovo. The Confederation believes that the time for the conversion is wrong.

The relations between Kosovo and Serbia are currently at a low point – both are under pressure from the EU to normalize their relations, should you wish to join the European Union.


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