According to the will of the Federal States should be able to be accommodated immigration detainees in the future in special departments of prisons. This practice had . Since then, the deportation of prisoners may be up to your departure from Germany only in specially designated facilities maintained. However, there are only about 400 of these special places of detention in Germany.

The 16 Minister presidents of the länder want to work “in the context of the adaptation of the EU return Directive on changes in the field of detention”, – stated in a Protocol of the conference of Minister presidents of the MIRROR. Also, the “world” reported about it.

The country leaders “, in particular a relaxation of the isolation requirement, to the extent of this accommodation on the same site prevented, even if a complete separation of the operation of criminal detention and detention pending Deportation is guaranteed”, – stated in the Protocol.

nationwide, there are not enough detention places

On the imposition of deportation custody, only a court can decide. A foreigner must be obliged to leave the country and detention places must be available. But there is not nationwide enough. According to the Federal Ministry of the interior, many removals fail because of too little adhesive squares – the foreigners can dive, marriage to be brought out of the country. However, the prisons are occupied in Germany, almost completely free of places of detention there are only a few. Add to: About 175,000 people would have to currently actually sit in detention or on remand, are but disappeared.

the Prime Minister noted that “repayments of repeated delinquent foreigners in still too many cases for too long”. It is criminal due to foreigners and Gefährdern succeed “again and again, to avoid their deportation by diving under, conceal their identity or procedure deficits take advantage of”.


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