On Tuesday criticized a group of lung specialists in a position paper, the applicable limits for nitrogen oxides and particulate matter – and the debate around driving bans and speed limits in Germany re-ignited. Who directs the eye to the four initiators of this document, is supported but One of them is a well-known engine developer.

the position paper was initiated by the pulmonologist Dieter Köhler, former President of the German society for pneumology and respiratory medicine (DGP). Koehler questioned the health risk of the cars emitted nitrogen oxides (NOx). In his opinion, numerous studies on the pollutants contained systematic errors, which is also the legally established limits is doubtful.

in addition to Köhler, the three other authors are mentioned, who have worked on the position paper. Including the Karlsruhe engineer, scientist Thomas cook, a well-known developer of diesel engines. To him it was a matter of compliance with the rules of scientific work, said cook on the question of why he was involved in the action. In his opinion, the discussion on the air quality will be discussed on the basis of false formulas. “As the excuse not to want to save lives,” said cook.

No pulmonologist, Diesel-expert

Koch studied mechanical engineering in Karlsruhe, then, is not a pulmonologist, but an engineer. This difference, however, is not a Problem: “I have been working for 20 years with emissions and immissions, and am, therefore, also statistically in this data.” Was a chef for ten years for the auto group Daimler and was responsible for, among other things, the pre-development for the injection in internal combustion engines. There, he worked on engines for commercial vehicles, the emissions of which are “always the measurement were the bar for the competition,” says cook.

afterwards, he remained in the internal combustion engines to be faithful to 2012, he was appointed Professor at the Karlsruhe Institute for technology (KIT), where he was head of the Institute of piston machines. In 2016, was asked for his Expertise as a peer reviewer for the investigative Committee of the exhaust gas of the German Bundestag, the should be cutting the diesel scandal. Currently, Koch is an expert in the Committee of transport and digital infrastructure, German Bundestag, where he is concerned with the air quality and the technical retrofitting of Diesel passenger Cars.

initiators to hold a lecture on the exhaust forum

The Co-author Matthias Klingner is also a graduate engineer and currently head of the Fraunhofer Institute for traffic and infrastructure systems. The fourth author Martin Hetzel is a pulmonologist and Medical Director of a hospital of the Red cross in Stuttgart.

The position paper was sent to more than 3800 members of the DGP, found a total of 112 signatories. Including 105 lung doctors, two engineers, two physicists, two respiratory therapists, and a forensic pathologist.

the Initiator of the Köhler held in February of 2018, a lecture on the “International AVL Forum exhaust gas and particulate emissions” in Ludwigsburg. There, he spoke about the “assessment of the studies on the health hazards of fine dust.” This is evident from the conference programme.

After the thirty-minute presentation of Köhler is another well-known speaker: Professor Koch. He gave a lecture on the influence of the diesel engine on the environment. On the last page of his presentation, cook draws a conclusion: “The current Situation is in the long term, are valuable for the Diesel due to the faster elimination of the NOx-discussion!”

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