In Turkey is booming, the construction of Shopping centers. In good times, the operators were able to reach high profits. But now you’re in big problems, such as the “Handelsblatt” reported.

The business paper shows on the example of a business owner in the shopping center “Marka Shopping” in the Western Turkish city of Bursa, with what difficulties the entrepreneurs have to fight. A store owner pays a monthly 14,000 euros rent. Euro, mind you, not Turkish Lira.

the money of the customers is less and less value

customers pay with Lira. In the case of the money not loose nearly so, since imported goods have become more expensive. The operators of Shopping centers feel. The whole sector comes under pressure.

was This in the last few years. The number of Turkish Shopping-Center growth since the year 2000 from 42 to last 411, as stated in the report. Alone in the current year, dozens of new shopping temple. Currently, to 500,000 Turkish citizens to find Jobs in the Malls and shopping centers.

the Turkish economy is growing much slower

However, with the Turkish economy, it just goes downhill. The growth was 2017, according to Figures from the world Bank is still at 7.4 percent, observers are expecting for the current year with a growth rate of 4.4 percent, the statistics Portal, Statista reports.

One of the main reasons for the weak development of the short-fall of the Lira. In the current year it has lost around 50 percent of their value. In order to stabilize the rate, would have to lift the Turkish Central Bank several months ago, the interest rates massively. The but failed to the strict rejection of the powerful heads of state Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Euro / Turkish Lira (EUR/TRY) 6,4976 TRY -0,0078 (-0,12%) suffers from over the counter To the rate of data

Erdogan’s Kingdom is under high levels of debt – often in more expensive foreign currency

another Problem is the high debt of the Turkish state, many of the companies and the citizens. Currently, the Turkish private sector with 337 billion dollars abroad in the chalk, as it is said in the report. As a result of the Lira currency weakness there will always be more expensive to service this debt. Also this is forcing many Turkish consumers to cut back.

The report quoted a student who is desperately seeking an affordable ski equipment. The 24-Year-old confessed: “I want to buy for weeks ski equipment, but I’m still waiting, that finally the prices go down.”

So how it goes millions of Turkish consumers.

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