“I apologize for any sexual activity to you,” writes the Catholic priest Peter C. in a letter from April 2017 to be victims of abuse. “Activities”, which he had considered at the time as amicable, but that would be considered as abuse.

In the Seventies and eighties should have need of the clergy from the Catholic servite order, the first underage schoolgirl miss.

“Please accept my sincere apology and deep Regret for all the unhappiness I’ve caused you,” writes the priest. He hoped that the apology will help the woman, “to be free of the torment you because of my behaviour have suffered.” It is my hope that you conclude with his “interference” in your life, this free will and in the future peacefully could live.

A pious wish that is not fulfilled.

The “Manchester Evening News” reported first on the case and have now published the letter of the spiritual. “He was very charismatic and friendly,” said the today about 50-year-old victims, who wished to remain anonymous, the newspaper said. “I was an easy-to-impressive Teenager. And I started to go to him for confession. I really looked up to him.”

About ten years to have the sexual Assaults of the priest is attracted to. The victim repressed the deeds. “But when I was in my early 30, I began to have Flashbacks,” the woman remembers.

they have suffered a kind of collapse, had become very sick, and I’ve made after years of psychotherapy. The spiritual got the meantime in the year 1999 by Queen Elizabeth for his services to the “Order of the British Empire” awarded.

About 40 years, father Peter C. a priest in the parish “Our Lady of Dolours was” in Salford, near Manchester. For several years he worked at an elementary school.

The Flashbacks didn’t stop – be victims display reported and turned in to the police. Father C. dismissed every allegation of sexual assault, the case did not come to charge. The woman decided a civil suit against the Church. In December, it was agreed out of court.

“He got away”

According to the report, the “Manchester Evening News” identified the Catholic Church and brought to the priest, from his Offices in the municipality and the school to withdraw. The order of Church representatives not recommended to engage C. in the future, with the care of children and young people.

The order apologized also for the victims, language of transgression and abuse of power. You have agreed on a pain of money.

in Spite of the word excuses of the spiritual the person is still angry. “I have the feeling that he got away,” she said. She was not interested in money or revenge, but it should be avoided in any case that the priest has to do with Minors. Therefore, they have made the letter public.

The abuse cases specialized lawyer Richard Scorer said the priest, though he knew he was wrong, the abuse for years. The letter was not only a testimony, “that he is able, or willing, to Heavy and to recognize the impact of his actions on my client.” Because the must life with the consequences.


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