Unfortunately, not at all cool: Ferris MC, is actually called Sascha Reimann, from rising in the Hip-Hop Band Deichkind. Via Facebook and Twitter teiltedie Hamburger Formation of their Fans with, “that our highly esteemed colleague, the superstar no. 1, Bronchus Pilate, a. K. a Ferris Hilton says the lump deichkind goodbye, to sail from that point on, own the seas.” They thanked Ferris for grandiose years, and for an unforgettable time. “The new old dyke child” but I will make more.

In 1997, Philip founded Grütering and Malte Pittner and Bartosch, depending on the Band in the Hamburg city district Bergedorf. Their debut album, “Please pull through,” was released in may 2000, with the single “Bon Voyage” (with Nina MC) which was a breakthrough. In 2005, deichkind for Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania took part in the bundesvision Song Contest and failed miserably. The Band was ranked among the 16 Federal States rank 14. Their Single “I” received in 2012 the gold record and the song title was for the youth word of the year in Austria.

Since the beginning, the Band stands for the nesting of fuss and a ruckus, the concerts come with extensive beer showers to a giant mess. Your cast changed constantly, let’s destroy one of the musicians rode with the Band in 2006, Malte Pittner, time a left the Combo, as in 2008, Buddy Inflagranti.

It replaced Ferris MC under the Pseudonym of Ferris Hilton. Sascha Reimann is not only a musician and Rapper but also an actor. He was about to see in demBremer “crime scene wedding night” on the side of the Ermittlerduos of Inga Lürsen (Sabine Postel) and Stedefreud (Oliver Mommsen).

editor’s note: an earlier Version of the text it was said that the singer Nena have worked on the Single “Bon Voyage”. The guest rapper was, however, Nina MC. We have corrected the post.


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