Who to make a compensation for a delayed train or flight claimed, it will know that The procedure is often more complex than the purchase of the ticket itself. There are, in the opinion of Klaus Müller, head of the consumer Federation, no reason for the complications to the lack of cooperation of Railways and Airlines.

If a Ticket is online has been booked, all the necessary information. “There is no reason at all, why not the airline, the railway, compensation automatically to my account back Bay,” said Müller.

this summer, thousands of airline and rail travelers not at all or only with great delays to your destination. In the case of the arbitration Board for public passenger transport the number of complaints soared to the top – end of the year it could be twice as many as in the previous year. Financial compensation is not applied for, but not all customers – probably because you have to submit to it still hand-written filled-in forms.

This car is available to customers starting an hour late at the destination for a quarter of the ticket price, in the case of more than two hours, the half – regardless of the reason for the delay. Airlines can invoke, however, often of force majeure. In the case of short-term cancellations, and large time-of-flight changes, passengers may have but, depending on the flight distance and also claim up to 600 euros compensation.

“Many Thousands of travelers this year had a summer of horror,” said Müller. Levels of compensation are not only compensation, but also a sign to the companies that they could not afford everything. Too often, it is profitable for Airlines, or railway, currently, to plan just to save the personnel and the technical equipment and to sell the offers that you could not comply with subsequently.

to enforce His rights, should not be for the consumers to run the gauntlet, stressed Müller. The procedure should be simplified. “We also have a good chance, that the companies are motivated to be punctual, reliable and consumer-friendly.” A first step could be, that one could apply for compensation online, how to buy the Ticket.

This is also the Federal Council was in the middle of December. It was not to see that flights and trains may be booked via the App, the compensation must be requested in writing on complex forms. In the case of a top-of-protection Ministry to meet the consumer promised to airlines, the possibilities for Online applications and corresponding Apps.

Also, with the communication Airlines and rail would have to be better, called Müller. The company would be required to inform travellers about delays and the enforcement of their rights – via Smartphones, display panels, Apps, or websites. “The companies have no desire to be there. And I have to say: If your reputation is not to suffer further, then you need to get to the now immediately.” What is not functioning on a voluntary Basis, should be required by law.


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