“We trust in” and a picture of a cult figure Helga Stewart: About 200 Fans of the “Linden street” have demonstrated on Saturday in Cologne against the dismissal of the television series. You kept Talking about, danced, read poems. Some of them were far travelled. Many of the participants waved signs with slogans like “A Sunday without a Linden street? No!” “The cult knows no ratio” or “Without Martha Stewart, everything is in the bucket.”

The West German radio (WDR) to adjust the series after 35 years. The last shipment is scheduled to run to 2020. The reason is the decline in the ratings. A CTR spokesperson said: “the attendance figures from year to year have decreased.” The decision of the ARD, the Linden street after almost 35 years, not to continue, had been taken in careful consideration.

What he should be, in the future, with his mother entertained, asks protester Andreas Sartorius. “I’ve seen the first episode and since then, not a miss,” says the 43-Year-old. At the time he was ten years old. As a recently “Linden street”veteran Hans DOE died, he shed tears. The series was a part of his life, the setting of a tragedy.

Also the co-initiator of the Demo, Jörg Albert Flöttl from Nuremberg, says, the “Linden street” have, of course, such rates as in the eighties when there were only three programs, but it was on Sundays is still one of the most successful ARD broadcasts.


“The series is not advertised, you have to be running on the eve of, the expenses are not dramatically high, therefore, this is not all bad,” said Flöttl. In addition, the “Linden street” belong now to the German cultural heritage and in spite of their entertainment character, again and again, company work off relevant topics.

The “Linden street” was on 8. December 1985-started. The outdoor scenery of the “Linden street” is 150 meters long and is located on the WDR site in Cologne-Bocklemünd. For the rotation around 100,000 props are always available. Hundreds of actors and tens of thousands of extras were to be seen. On 2. February will again be demonstrated, then in Munich.


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