For the second Time in her political career, the Democrat Nancy Pelosi was elected on Thursday to the Chairman of the US house of representatives. The 78-year-old longtime group leader of the Democrats is the politically most powerful woman in the country – and the strongest opponent of President Donald Trump. She was President of the Congress chamber already from 2007 to 2011.

The new U.S. Congress convened on Thursday, two months after the elections for its constituent session. In the house of representatives 235 Democrats and 199 Republicans were sworn in. The new members of the Senate were Vice-President Mike Pence sworn in. The Senate is 53 Republicans, 45 Democrats and two independents are now supporting the Democrats.

The Democrats had won the congressional elections almost two months ago for the first time in eight years, the majority in the chamber. The Senate, the conservative Republican President of Trump control.


Pelosi is now the President and his Deputy to the number three in the state. Before Pelosi was elected this Time to the Chairman, she had to overcome greater internal party resistance. Several members had called for an overhaul of staffing at the top.

Pelosi announces new initiative in the budget dispute

The exchange in the house of representatives comes in the midst of a partial Government shutdown in the United States. Republicans and Democrats could not agree with President Trump, so far, on the extension of the budget law. Trump wants to have the financial resources for the construction of a border wall in the law – otherwise he would deny his necessary signature, he announced.

After days of stalemate, it is expected that both parties will try soon compromise proposals. Pelosi had announced Thursday a new initiative. She had, however, made it clear that the Democrats of the claim Trumps would not comply with a financing of a border wall with Mexico. “No. Nothing for the wall,” said Pelosi in a Wednesday Interview, published on the channel NBC.

Trump had refused to be a of the budget act to sign, when not more than five billion dollars for the long-required wall on the Mexico border would be provided. The Democrats reject trump’s request.

It is the method expected for the coming months, the Democrats will make use of the possibility of numerous parliamentary investigations against Trump to initiate and, where appropriate, also summon up to a possible impeachment. This is with the majority of the Democrats in the event of a suspicion of serious misconduct, in principle, possible.

and ultimately decided such a procedure would, however, Passed in the Republican-dominated Senate. To Trump relieve actually of the office, it would require a settling movement of the Republicans from your President.

Pelosi believes that the President could be in office under indictment. This legal opinion is not settled only between the political parties, but also under constitutional law in the USA clearly.


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