The current Ebola outbreak in the Congo relates to an unusually high number of babies and small children. Among them there was also a Newborn that was brought six days after its birth in a treatment centre in Beni. Now, however, the Doctors and the authorities have good news: The body of the child has managed to defeat the Virus. It is cured.

The newborn could be discharged on Wednesday from the treatment center. Thus, the child is the youngest Ebola Survivor of the outbreak in the democratic Republic of the Congo, such as the Ministry of health announced on Twitter. The authority said it was a “boy wonder”.

had died, The mother of the child during birth, reported the Ministry. It has transferred the Virus was likely to have on the Baby.

the second-largest eruption of all times

The current Ebola outbreak in the Congo is the second largest that has ever been documented. The number of cases has risen, the health Ministry estimated that more than 500 cases, at 457, the Virus has been confirmed in the laboratory. 255 people have died.

Among the Sick in the Congo, many children are unusual, according to Unicef, they account for a third of the cases. Every tenth case concerns, therefore, children under the age of five.

the Congo Name two countries in Central Africa, the “democratic Republic of the Congo” with the capital, Kinshasa, and the “Republic of Congo” with its capital in Brazzaville. The border between the two countries runs along part of the river Congo. At the Congo conference, the European colonial received the French forces in 1884/85 in Berlin, the smaller the territory of today’s Republic of the Congo. The Belgian king Leopold II acquired the territory of present-day Democratic Republic of the Congo and made it to its home colony, which he exploited ruthlessly.

in 1960, both the Belgian and the French colony gained independence. After several name changes (including Zaire), the former Belgian colony since 1997, “democratic Republic of the Congo”, the former French colony since 1991, “Republic of Congo”. For reasons of better readability, we use in our texts for the democratic Republic of the Congo in General, the simple name of “Congo”.

That babies become infected with Ebola, was documented before the current outbreak of barely – probably because they come less frequently in contact with the Virus. Experts suggest, however, that mothers can transmit the pathogen at birth, via the mother’s milk or through close body contact with the newborn.

struggles for natural resources

volunteers have not yet managed to get the outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is under control. Reason for this is the precarious security situation in the area. In the area various militias are active, the fight treasures, among other things, to the ground. The population is extremely suspicious.

In many areas, it is for the physician, therefore, impossible to observe people may be infected with the Virus. Only if the person Concerned can be directly isolated after the first signs of the disease, the outbreak isolate.

The Ebola Virus is through body fluids such as sweat, vomit, or blood transfer. The more the disease has progressed in a patient is, the greater is the risk that the deadly Virus. Particularly infectious, with the body fluids of the Deceased.


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