Prior to the congressional elections in the United States has called on actor Alec Baldwin, the citizens, to overthrow the government of the country in a peaceful manner. Changes in America were always about elections, governments alternated in an orderly, formal, and lawful manner and in this way must now be the government of President Donald Trump “brought down,” said Baldwin on Sunday in a campaign appearance for the Democrats in New Hampshire. Then, he took a full blow to the Agenda of the Republicans.

Baldwin criticized the immigration policy of the government, as well as the attitude of the Republicans to stricter weapons laws, energy policy and women’s rights. On the subject of gun violence, the conservative politician twitched only with the shoulders, in the climate policy to the Rest of the world had been spat “in the face,” he lamented.

With a view to the appointment of the controversial lawyers of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme court of the United States, the actor said that women deserved the protection of the Constitution from the point of view of the Republicans, apparently, as much as men. “They are sons, husbands, fathers, and yet, when the time came for movement in the middle of #MeToo-to put politics aside and to make it clear that women’s rights are more important than political interests, you failed.”

Several women had accused Kavanaugh, prior to its appeal sexual misconduct. Democrats and Republicans fought bitterly over the personnel.

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