Boy band BTS member Jungkook poses. His birthday billboard was recently removed in a Pakistani city for “promoting sexuality.” Photo courtesy of HYBE

Boy band member’s birthday billboard removed in Pakistan

Sept. 1 marked the 24th birthday of Jungkook, the youngest member of South Korean boy group BTS, and fans across the world celebrated the day one way and another.

In many places, his fans commissioned a giant billboard telling him happy birthday. In Gujranwala, a billboard with a huge image of Jungkook was also installed.

But that caused problems in the Pakistani city as the colorful image was hastily taken down for some reason.

Many news outlets quoted a provincial assembly candidate and member of Islamist political party as saying that the idol group has a “negative influence” on young people and promotes “homosexuality.”

It seems quite absurd to claim such pictures promote homosexuality. If the Pakistani politician is right, South Korea should be full of homosexuals because such photos are ubiquitous here. And that is not the case.

Jungkook would also feel very sorry for that because this is not the first time for him to be involved in a controversy about his sexual orientation.

One of the most frequently asked questions about him is whether Jungkook is a gay, possibly because he wears makeup and chokers with some feminine clothing.

As the Korea News Plus noted in previous columns (see the article on June 6, 2020), we don’t know anything about Jungkook’s sexuality because neither he nor his agency HYBE confirmed anything about the topic.

Even if the musician is a gay, he does not have an obligation to disclose his sexuality.

Let’s stop talking about his sexual orientation. Let’s just enjoy the music of Jungkook and his bandmates. Isn’t that good enough?

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