K-pop megastar BTS member Jungkook Photo from BTS Twitter

‘It’s not about his sexuality, but about his music’

One of the most frequently asked questions about K-pop superstar BTS is about the members’ sexual orientation. People tend to ask whether the seven-piece boy band has gay members.

The Korea News Plus dealt with this issue midway through last year after the idol group came up with its third studio album “Map of the Soul: Persona” in late April 2019.

Back then, we suggested focusing on their music instead of their sexuality. In a nutshell, there may be some gay members, but does it really matter in enjoying their lovely songs?

But similar questions continue to surface. And after BTS dropped its fourth studio album “Map of the Soul: 7” this February, some ask specifically if Jungkook is a gay.

Some came up with such doubts, possibly because the youngest BTS member frequently wore makeup and chokers with some feminine clothing.

If those are legitimate reasons why Jungkook should be gay, then so many Korean boy idols would be gays too because they also do like Jungkook.

There have been rumors that Jungkook has a girlfriend, although his agency Big Hit Entertainment has not confirmed them. But if he does, that does not mean that the 22-year-old is straight, either.

Topping other things off, we just don’t know anything about his sexuality because neither Jungkook nor Big Hit confirmed anything about the topic.

And even if the young musician is a gay, he does not have an obligation to reveal his sexuality.

More fundamentally, if he is a gay we should continue to support him because people cannot choose their sexuality. It is just given.

Let’s stop asking the sexual orientation of Jungkook or other BTS members like Suga, whose remarks that his ideal type is not limited to a girl caused similar controversies several years ago.

How about focusing on their passion and dedication to music? After all, BTS members are about their music, not about their sexuality.

We don’t know because they don’t tell us. Please don’t assume anything. Just hope that we will be able to keep enjoying their music,” this would be a sensible reaction of many BTS fans.

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