Despite the expiration of an important deadline, Russia international Doping will allow inspectors the access to the Moscow Anti-Doping laboratory. The visit of the experts in the analysis laboratory was on 9. January planned, said the Russian sports Minister Pavel Kolobkow in the Russian capital. You have to list all the technical issues, the politician said the Agency Interfax according to.

Originally it had been agreed between Russia and the world Anti-Doping Agency (Wada), the Wada experts are allowed to inspect by the end of last year, the laboratories. The inspectors, however, were empty-handed from Moscow left, and had not received the requested data. The Russian authorities demanded the Delegation that their equipment for data collection according to the Russian legislation had to be approved. This had not been discussed, according to Wada.

Wada had, at its meeting in September in the Wake of the doping affair, which charged, among other things, the 2014 Olympic winter games in Sochi, which recommended the re-admission of the suspended Russian Anti-Doping Agency Rusada. A prerequisite for the Handing over of the Moscow laboratory data up to the 31. December. Then, the Anti-Doping agencies had demanded an immediate response of the Wada.


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