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hopes While Theresa May is still a majority for the controversial Brexit Treaty with the EU, will be debated in the UK a long time ago about a Plan B to the Failure of the deal. The interference of the social democratic Ex-Prime Minister, Tony Blair in search of a Plan B has criticised the head of government now but harsh.

Blair’s remarks were “an insult to the office he had once held,” said Theresa May the BBC said. The members in should the lower house by a new Referendum is not the responsibility of stealing. “The Parliament has a democratic duty to implement what the British people voted.” By Blair for a re-referendum advertising, undermining the negotiations.

a vote before Christmas?

Blair had said on Friday Sky News, May had to acknowledge that there is no wool on the negotiated Deal and that he will fail in Parliament. You would do better to change course. The former British Prime Minister touting for some time for a new referendum.

The British education Minister Damian Hinds rejected claims, however, also. “A second vote would be divisive. We had the vote of the people, we had the Referendum, and now must work to implement it,” said the conservative politician, the TV station Sky News. The Prime Minister May have signed the agreement and is balanced.

This has been Hinds within the British Cabinet against the labour Minister Amber Rudd and Finance Minister Philip Hammond . You draw according to a report in “The Times” for another referendum in consideration, if all other options fail.

Tony Blair

actually, already for the 11. December provided for decision-making in the Parliament has been postponed. The leading Labour politician Andrew Gwynne announced in the BBC, to want to have a vote on the Treaty before Christmas prevail. How, exactly, he said. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn accused the Prime Minister of “recklessly running the clock down”.

Altmaier: There is room for clarifications

Addressed to the Opposition, as well as by leading Tory MPs discussed Alternatives, said Minister Hinds on Sky News: a Total of about a half-dozen would be the Alternative in the room and “none there is a majority”.

the options in addition to the current Brexit-a draft Treaty and a second Referendum also include a closer connection to Canada, or the “Norway Plus” model of the accession to the European free trade area EFTA. You also Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland in addition to Norway. Via a Treaty, these countries are bound economically close to the EU.

Damian Hinds

The British dispute over the Brexit Treaty makes an exit without any agreement more likely. In an internal party vote of confidence had also voted more than 100 conservative MPs against the Prime Minister, survived the vote. It can also be used as a vote on the EU’s already adopted the text of the Treaty to the Brexit scored.

Of the EU May, therefore, calls now, especially the guarantee of an open border between Northern Ireland and Ireland – called the Backstop. But on Friday in Brussels, the European heads of state and government let you down.

Video: post cards-action in England against the Brexit


Federal Minister of Economics, Peter Altmaier , called on the British government to substantiate their requests for changes. At the EU summit in Brussels, it had become evident that there could be no new negotiations on the Treaty, but room for clarifications. “Between these two poles, ( … ), there is a certain tension that can only be overcome, and that great Britain puts forward proposals on the table”.

the talks with the EU in time of need, said the British trade Minister Liam Fox . A vote was expected this year. May is expected to speak on Monday in the house of Commons, and could give Details on how to proceed.

graphics for Brexit Deal of the negotiations, So it goes in the Brexit Poker

Because, as you see also Altmaier, especially in the disorderly withdrawal of Britain from the Union of a danger. In an Interview with the Reuters news Agency, he said: “We are ready to do anything to alleviate these negative effects and to limit.”


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