In the Ukraine was founded on Saturday, and their own Orthodox national Church. At a Synod in Kyiv, the bishops of the two Orthodox churches for a Union voted in. The Moscow-loyal Orthodox Church in Ukraine, boycotted the Assembly to a large extent. Only two bishops took part.

The head of the new Church, the Assembly elected the Metropolitan Epifani of Pereyaslavl, which was presented by President Petro Poroshenko personally. “Today is the day of the final attainment of independence from Russia”, – said the 53-Year-old.

Ukraine’s wool, and could not belong to the Church legally to Russia. The country wants to cut the cord, given the military and political Attacks from Russia, the religious of Moscow.

in Front of the Cathedral in Kiev, several Hundred people with Ukrainian flags, expressed their support for a Church’s detachment from Russia. The police secured the center of the capital, with about 4000 security forces.

Because of the Church establishment in Ukraine of a bitter dispute between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople for months. The ecclesiastical and political consequences of this deep division is not yet in sight.

Moscow sees Ukraine as a traditional Church territory

The Moscow Patriarchate sees the Ukraine as its traditional Church territory. The head of the Moscow-loyal Orthodox in Kiev, Metropolitan Onufri, spoke on Saturday of an attempt to divide the Church. “There is already a country Church. We have enough of that. We have a lot more than promises of those who participate in this Synod,” he said. Among the approximately 200 participants of the Assembly, only two bishops of the Moscow-loyal Church.

in Contrast, the Supreme authority of world Orthodoxy, the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew in Istanbul, want to recognize, an independent Church in Ukraine. His staff have worked out a Statute for you. On 6. January, he wants to hand over to the elected head of the Ukrainian Church, the decree on the Church’s legal autonomy (autocephaly).

in fact, to be close, especially the first, founded in 1992, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kiev Patriarchate, and the smaller Autocephalous Church. In front of the dioceses of the Moscow Patriarchate, but to count more priests, churches and monasteries remain. Thus, conflicts about important Orthodox shrines such as the famous cave monastery in Kiev.

The threat of loss of Orthodox believers and churches in the Ukraine complains in the Russian policy. The opposition leader Alexei Navalny took to Twitter, the guide to President Vladimir Putin for the withdrawal of Ukraine: “What was created in hundreds of years, Putin and his idiots destroyed in just four years.”


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