at the end of December, the US-American Paul Whelan had been arrested in Russia. The allegation: He was a spy. Days after the arrest, the Russian authorities have now granted to the the US Ambassador in Moscow, access to Whelan.

Ambassador Jon Huntsman visited the man in the Lefortovo prison of the Russian capital, it said on Wednesday evening (local time USA) from the Ministry of foreign Affairs in Washington. The Diplomat had offered the support of the Embassy, and then with the Whelans family on the phone.

The US government had demanded that Russia urgently reconnaissance to the arrest, Whelans. US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said Wednesday on the sidelines of a visit to Brazil, the U.S. government wanted to know what I’m accused of being the man. If his detention was unlawful, would you demand his immediate release.

Whelan threaten to ten to 20 years ‘ imprisonment

The Russian domestic secret service FSB had the man in Moscow, on 28 October. December arrested. He had been caught red-handed “in an act of espionage,” said the FSB on Monday. Details of the circumstances were not made. In the case of a condemnation of the man between ten and 20 years in prison, threatened, it was in the FSB-message to the Agency Tass quoted.

the brother of The man, David Whelan, had told the U.S. television channel CNN on Wednesday that he considered it possible that his brother was a spy. This was for a wedding in Moscow.

In Washington, there is a similar case: There, the Russian student, Maria Butina is an agent in court. You should have tried on behalf of Russian Authorities to influence political organizations in the United States.

The relationship between Russia and the United States is currently extremely tense. Reasons for this are, among other things, the ongoing crisis in Crimea and the alleged influence of Russia on the presidential elections in the United States. Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin offered his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump in a new year of writing a “broad dialogue”.


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